Jack Ass!!

Two weeks back my computer had a Virus., and I reformatted my PC, removed all the partitions and when it asked me for a name for the Computer., I gave it as “Jhakaas” (Slang in Mumbaiyya Hindi meaning “Great”). Not even in the wildest dreams had I imagined that it will be used against me.

Today, my colleague Matthew, a Pukka English guy., opened up the network neighbourhood, and read my PC as “Jack Ass”!!!! Excuse me.. But my computer is not a “Jack Ass”!!! Well, finally they settled after they decided that I am the real “Jack Ass”. God!!! Thanks for the sense of humour you have given me. I think it will take a long time before the term “Jack Ass” is no more associated with me.

I really do have a cool head!!!

After the not-so-exciting day yesterday., I went home and had a nice time..(mmm cooking). I really enjoyed the Dahi Baath I made and with the addon Aloo Dum (small potatoes boiled and roasted with spices… mmm..) Well that was the day that was..

Today was a “GREAT DAY!!!!”. I as missed my bus again (I think, I am making it a point to miss my bus..) reached Uxbridge Station by around 8.50 (missed my bus to office by 4 minutes..) well that was ok.. I went to Tesco’s and got bread for the Ducks and went to the main bus stop..(Its getting really cold down here..) I kept the bag on the seat, as my hands were really getting cold.. and guess what, when I got down from the bus at my office., I had forgotten to take my bag from the seat at the bus stop itself(there goes my lunch (Lemon Rice & Pappodoms), and a couple of Java books). Is my grey matter getting outdated??!! I should appreciate the Bus driver, upon whom I entrusted to look for that bag., when he goes back. He was to come again to that stop in one hour and if he finds it he said he will bring it. Well after around one hour, I was again out in the cold at the bus stop., only to find that he didnt find any bag there!!!!

I wonder, why I keep smiling always.. even when I am mentally ****** up(optimism??). Anyway I went to Uxbridge during the lunch time and had enquired with Lost and Found at Bus Garage.. and it was not there., from where I went to Railway station Lost and Found, where the same reply was awaiting me.. the final place was near my bus stop, a security office.. Hiaaaaaaaa… I got it there..

Another eventful day??!!.. Poor ducks., they will have to wait for one more day for the bread. Well another eventful day., Wonder whats in store for me tomorrow??!!!!


I hate today.. It was a messy day altogether upto now. Got up late, missed my regular bus, got into the next one, only to find out that my bus pass has expired.. Had to go to the next stop, where the shop was to get the bus pass., then missed the bus to office.. Got into office late.. and tried to solve some dumbo problems. I hate working on a problem with less information. As if your hands are tied and you are asked to break a coconut..(I am so irritated that I cannot think of a good example also). With what should I break the coconut.. My head??!!!.. Well.. am feeling a bit releived now.

The enjoying part of the day was the half an hour walk with Rajesh along the canalside., Swans and Signettes(they have grown up really fast) and the ever present ducks.. Long time since I fed them last.. should be getting bread for them tomorrow. The Signettes, those grew in front of us.. six months ago they were really ugly and the feather were dark (Who said children of all species looked beautiful??!!) Now they are turning white.. But still accompanied by their milk white parents.. I regretted not having a camera for the moment.. Walk was really nice, moreover I was meeting Rajesh after a long time.

Oh, Yeah.. as I got up late, I couldnt take “Dabba” with me.. and had Cheese and Onion Sandwich.. (I have started hating sandwiches.. Wonder how majority of the working british class survive on them). Amma, I miss you.

Now I will be leaving office, go home.. Cook food (Dahi bhat and pappadom) and have my regular sleep over Java book.. I will never change…


Had a chat with Pradeep.. No one else logged in.. are all at loggerheads?? He is trying his best to help everyone.. I just wish that all get well. Now I think I have to mail Pradeep regarding Prasad. I cannot hide anything from Prasanth, Praveen and Pradeep. I was thinking of an holiday to US, after Pradeep has gone there. After the chat, had a good lunch..(Dhansak by Rashmi with Jeera Rice along with fried lijjat Pappodom).

Went home after that (loads of clothes to wash), washed., and again went for a session with Java book.. I think I will learn Java 1.2 fully by the time Sun Releases Java 8.2. It was getting dark by around 4.30 itself and my clothes were still wet. had to hang them in my room.. (I hate living with damp clothes hanging around me., but has no other options). Finally back to Zubins house., to update journal. I think that will be the end of first weekend after I have started journaling..

(I know that future praveen will be reading this.. and laugh at all these rubbish routine)

Family matters

Yesterday night I called up home, Paati is still bed-ridden and doctors are wondering how she is still pulling on. Appa & Amma are both now at perumbavoor and are looking after paati. Balu Periyappa and periyamma have also gone to perumbavoor from calcutta. Poor paati.. she always wanted to die without much hullaboo. Spoke to all who were present there. Today is thathas thevasam. Periyappa was getting ready for it. As per balu periyappa, Mani will be coming to Bombay, as he has got some interviews there. I am sure he will get a good break. Between all these news, the main news was that Latha manni is pregnant. That really is a good news.. afterall it had been a worrying wait for a long time. I have asked kumar anna also to do something., and become a father soon.. he said he will follow the suit of Suresh anna. Amma was in her usual self. Appa was talking regarding buying of an Ambassdor car., but the telephone got disconnected. When I called up again he had gone to vijayans tea-shop. was unable to ask for details.

Paati is still in hospital and thats worrying.. She has been a major factor during my moulding days.

Called up Prasanth after that. and chit chatted for a while.. Then called up Praveen’s house only to find that he will be back next week only. Pratibha was on the phone and she had returned from Hyderabad after her collage tour.. She’s preparing for her collage singing competition..

That was it.. then I went to sleep.. This was around 2 am today..

Why we miss all these

Just had a chat with Prasad.. he just dropped in from one of his friends Cybercafe. He is in a bad situation.. I can feel for him.. But as the saying goes ” Some times in Life.. you have to stand back.. and Watch”. You dont do anything.. just look.. I think now my time is for that.

Some of our colleagues are going to Mt.Kilmanjaro during next summer for a weeks trekking. I would have loved to.. but there are other commitments. How foolish we were, when we were in India and we had a lot of places to go and we just wasted our time in job, career and other silly things.. When one looks back.. one miss those things. When your life becomes a routine… you need a break..

Prasad said that Prem will be online today evening.. well that will be in another hours time.. I will wait for him..

I havent written to Praveen for a while.. I think I will do that now.