Living in the head

I live in my head. Though yet to check other heads moving around me, at least I do live in my head. As we grow up whatever has been fed into our brains makes its own combination of thoughts and we live off it.

At night when sleep comes, there are more characters in the dream, and sometimes we find ourselves in absolutely absurd situations and we realize it only on waking up. In dream everything seems perfect, our fears, our conditioning and our philosophies continue with our dream character as well.

Sometimes when one takes a long view of things, one becomes apparent of one’s lack of freedom. Our life happens while we foolishly try to live it. Several things happen over which one doesnt have any control, though we make believe that we do control several aspects of it.

There is a story I would like to tell. This was a story that I had heard when I was a kid, with some changes. Once there lived an ant and a grasshopper. During summer time ant was toiling and gathering food for winter, whereas the grasshopper was whiling away time singing and merry making. The summer went and winter came. Grasshopper didnt have any food, though he looked everywhere and starved to death, while the ant… he was exterminated by the pest-control people.

That story says quite a lot, though we dont listen that much. Preoccupied with our own image in our head and the morals we have been fed by other heads, we quickly rush to make sense of it and it does make sense, and to my head it seems like each head makes a different sense.

We tarry on till our heads stop and then maybe life laughs, or it doesnt – who knows maybe after all its all in my head.