So many things..

When I left Calcutta today, I was thinking about the pace at which life was moving.. In 26 years, I indeed have come a long way. Life flashed a slide show of memories, on the train. Life maybe is a journey, some travel slow, some fast, some have destination, others havent, some wonder why the journey is, some enjoy.

Or maybe life is a Circus, where you are the manager, and the performer.. you show various tricks to entertain the world and when you go back to your tent, alone.. you remain, clutching to yourself, your sadness, your happiness, your loneliness, your beliefs, your insecurities.

sighh!! Sometimes, I wonder, had god created us as robots(instead of robots with minds and choices), neither us nor god would’ve had so much suffering!!


Maangalyam Tantunaanena, Mama Jeevana Hethunaa
Kantteh Bhadnami Subhage sanjeeva sarada: sadam

This is a sacred thread .This is essential for my long life. I tie this around your neck. O maiden having many auspicious Qualities! May thou live happily for hundred years with me.

He tied the thaali around her neck.. Tears rolled down her cheeks.. Suddenly something touched me.. I stood there, I was silent.

ps: Raja and Aarti got married today

Friends for life!

Santosh: Can I see the old Praveen?
Praveen: What old Praveen?!!
Santosh: You know, the school boy, and the collage guy who used to come to my home!
Praveen: <silence>(have I gone really far from you!! Sighh!)
Santosh: You have changed a lot!
Praveen: <silence>(Have I, Santosh??!!)
Santosh: I have a lot to learn from you!
Praveen: <silence>

(staring at each other in silence)

ps: <silence>

An evening at banglore..

So.. So what?!!

So how was the day today? Fine, reached Banglore in the morning.. back is aching from the bus journey.. (they should use ergonomic seats you see.. atleast it should be right for getting into a sleeping position..) hmm anyway.. went with pradeep to the flat where prem and pradeeps friends are staying.. and then for breakfast and then back.. loitering here and there.. Pradeep was feeling feverish.. so we let him rest.. Myself and Prem went out to cybercafe.. and messenger gave me problems. then got back.. had lunch.

what an uneventful day!! So what, it was my day.. we had fun at the restaurant, then in the evening we went to the city.. hanged out together, watched the movie “Pay it Forward”, and then came back by around 12.30.

uninteresting.. eh? Who said..I enjoyed it maan.. then after we got back.. had a good discussion with Pradeep’s friend.. pradeep and prem reamined audience, sometimes becoming participants..

What discussion? Arre.. pooch mat.. about existance of god.. is there any other interesting topic.. Pradeep’s friend beleived in Extra Terrestrial life and full back up of science.. and me full back up of science and my own way of beleif in god.. The discussion (dont ask what all topics we covered…) had its advantage..

What advantage.. Hee.. it served my purpose.. I was awoke to catch the taxi to the airport.. had to leave to calcutta no…

hmm.. u matlabi person.. so what.. had a nice discussion…kept Prem, pradeep and his friend awake till 4 in the morning.. and I left..

and what is this new style..? What new style??

writing like this in the journal?! So what.. apunka fan-log will appreciate.. this is apunka istyle… 😉

A journey!

Kallada bus plying to Banglore from Kochi(cochin), Pradeep and Praveen are seated, chatting about something serious… They were already annoyed by the loud discussion(read boasting) going on, on the backseat of the bus. For some time, it went quiet, when suddenly..

Saaaarrrrrr!!!(a visibly drunk person, with seemingly one objective of providing entertainment!!)

Pradeep: (visibly annoyed) What!!
person : Saar.. Cinema paarkkandaama sir..
oops! yes the conversation took place in tamil, but I will translate in English for convenience
person : Saar.. Dont you want to see the movie..?(the reference is to the in-bus movie to be shown)
Pradeep: No.. We dont want.. catch some other to shout at the bus people.
person : saar.. we have paid the money no.. so we have to ask them to put the movie now.. I want to see the movie now!!
Pradeep: then do one thing.. dont disturb us, go to the bus person and tell.. we dont want the movie now.. and dont distrub please!!

Pradeep and Praveen continue the chat, and then suddenly again..


The entertainment that followed was good.. Pradeep though visibly annoyed was enjoying it too!!

Sometime later the movie began, 15 minutes into the movie..a snore was heard loud.. We found the source of the snore.. none other than the saaaarrrrr!! guy!!

Thanks saaaarrrr, for the in-bus entertainment!!

Journey back home!

As typical of me, I goofed up again.. went to santacruz airport for a flight leaving from Sahar!! Thanks to the famous “mumbai Rickshawallah” reached Sahar within 15 minutes! Ramesh was waiting. We were sailing on the memories of our days together, when I had to leave for the flight.

With an outlook magazine to put me to sleep, I had my brunch, and slept only to wake up to see the landing at a wonderful airport!! No wonder Kerala is “God’s own land”. Greenery was around the airport, and the airport itself was nice. I came to know that this airport is the only airport in the world to be run by a co-operative society!! (Can someone Verify!!)

Out of the airport, there was appa and Vijayan chettan. Appa and Vijayan chettan are like Duryodhana and Karna… Even when they wrote letters to each other they used to call each other this name.. (sorry, those who dont know mahabharat, the great epic of India, wont know who Duryodhana and Karna were!! I will write a synopsis of The Mahabharat soon on the journal!). Soon I was with amma and paati also. I was back to my childhood home!! I removed the shoes and walked on the compound barefoot!! the feel of the earth was too compelling!!

Amma had made me some chakkavaraval!!(raw Jackfruit chips) for me.. yay!! munching the same and sipping coffee we sat on the swing in front of the house gossipping. It didnt take me much time to realise, that how little one requires to lead a content life!. I still have a lot to learn from you, amma!! :’-)

Seems like this is one of the wonderful trips in my life.