Family matters

Yesterday night I called up home, Paati is still bed-ridden and doctors are wondering how she is still pulling on. Appa & Amma are both now at perumbavoor and are looking after paati. Balu Periyappa and periyamma have also gone to perumbavoor from calcutta. Poor paati.. she always wanted to die without much hullaboo. Spoke to all who were present there. Today is thathas thevasam. Periyappa was getting ready for it. As per balu periyappa, Mani will be coming to Bombay, as he has got some interviews there. I am sure he will get a good break. Between all these news, the main news was that Latha manni is pregnant. That really is a good news.. afterall it had been a worrying wait for a long time. I have asked kumar anna also to do something., and become a father soon.. he said he will follow the suit of Suresh anna. Amma was in her usual self. Appa was talking regarding buying of an Ambassdor car., but the telephone got disconnected. When I called up again he had gone to vijayans tea-shop. was unable to ask for details.

Paati is still in hospital and thats worrying.. She has been a major factor during my moulding days.

Called up Prasanth after that. and chit chatted for a while.. Then called up Praveen’s house only to find that he will be back next week only. Pratibha was on the phone and she had returned from Hyderabad after her collage tour.. She’s preparing for her collage singing competition..

That was it.. then I went to sleep.. This was around 2 am today..

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