Swimming as an exercise

Went for a swim today.. has got to get back to shape.. Breast stroke seems for me to be the easiest one for me and the backstroke the most difficult(since I cant do with arm strokes, only can paddle, during backstroke).

While I was learning swimming, the difficult one to do was the breast stroke, as I couldnt get the combination right at all.. I didnt want to do the breast stroke, the way most do.. keeping head above water. I wanted it synchronised, the way professionals do it.. Hence I concentrated on it.. I borrowed books from library regarding swimming and put my efforts in correcting my breast stroke, and now, I am not a fast swimmer, but have become an efficient swimmer. I can do breast stroke with less effort and I dont aim to be the fastest.

Later I realised that, breast stroke wasnt doing any good to me, except that I am spending time in water going up and down and moving back and forth.. I started looking for more physical activity to burn my calories.. and jumped to freestyle. It is tough now, but I am still learning to find the perfect technique for the freestyle.

It did take my breath out trying to do the free style the way I wanted. But I’m not going to give up, after picking it up successfully, has to work on my backstroke, which seems really primitive. Somehow, I have picked up floating on water, without moving hands or legs, only by breating on my back and can stay afloat for more than a couple of minutes. But, sure it dosent burn enough calories, which I need.

Now the swimming routine is back again, doing now on alterante days.. now has to go on Friday or Saturday again and put more effort.

ps: Zubin & co are coming in tomorrow.. got to receive them..


Got a bit upset today.. Well, nothing to do with me, but you do get upset, when you feel for others. Zakir told, he got a dressing down, even after doing a really wonderful job. We all know, that Zakir is putting in his best efforts and always does things before deadlline. Still, a dressing down..?!! Poorly managed, I would say. Even if he was to be said something, it could’ve been in a friendly way, just hinting, initially, then if still dosent have effect, becoming more specific, but still informal.

Zakir was upset, and I felt bad. Tried my best to bring his smile back, and got that smile also, but I could feel the sadness behind the mask.

In the afternoon, went for a walk with Ron and Rajesh.. had a nice walk, though it was a bit drizzling.. A walk always makes us fresh and then we can carry on furhter, without any tiredness. My walks have become less frequent, after I have bought the car.

My Website Finally

Finally, I finished off my website. Now I have to move on. Yesterday I had tested it and found that I had got some of the photo’s wrong, and some I had forgotten to resize.. Monday, it took nearly 15 minutes to set that right. Sent a mail to all, and waited for the response. Hmm.. response is good. I feel atleast a bit accomplished. I have started doing things.. Now on to Java..

Evening saw me on the pool, Gotta get in shape soon, before I am in India again. Planning to get by end of April and be back by mid-May.

The Masala Dosa!!

Had another go at creating Masala Dosa. and YES!!! I succeeded. I made a really good Masala Dosa. Well, there was no one to judge, but me, still I am sure it came out really nice.

Had some thoughts about my paati(mom’s mom), who is now no more. I was hearing to some old tamil classical movie songs from the net, when her thoughts sprang up. She used to sing some of them and she used to sing really nicely too. Hmm.. life goes on.. dosent it.

Today worked on my website, I will stop working on it from tomorrow, when I will have my final update, has to concentrate on Java Certification and studies.. got to plan for April visit to India as well. Two more months to go.. has got many plans during this visit.. My life is going to change and that too pretty fast.



I feel for my Country. First I thought that the quake was just a small one, but later I found out that Its a big one and the town “Bhuj” has been totally flattened out by the quake. India’s time seems to be bad. It has been at the receiving end for nearly half a century. Early it was from other countries, now its from nature. Maybe the theory of Yin and Yang works. India was the peak of the civilisation, An Ideal model which world had to learn from, and in last 500 years, we have become a confused lot, not knowing what to do as a country. Nature also gives blow frequently now. We are a totally at crossroads, held back by the “Glory of our Civilization” (as it was), and looking west for the future!!

Got a lot of thoughts regarding India, but cant express in words yet. Many people say about problems that India faces, population, illiteracy, poverty…. Well I see Resources, Potential and a untapped energy lying in abundancy without anyone to utilise it. What havent we got as a country.. Snowcapped himalayas, Desert, Rainforests in the east, Tropics in the south., and not to forget our ancient civilisation of atleast 5000 years. Tourism alone could put India among one of the develped nations. But see the state of it!!! We lack visionaries, who can see the blueprint of the future and make it a reality. We tend to hang on to the visionaries of the past and underestimate ourselves to play that role.

Hmm.. Time..I think thats what is needed for India. Having been the cradle of Civilisation, now we face a crisis.. And thanks to mother earth, she is trying to shake us up(literally)from our slumber.. and make us look around and make our Country the best in the World…


Inspiration & Copying

I wonder after hearing to some bollywood and mollywood(tamil film industry.. hope its mollywood) music, whether our music directors, get inspired or do they lift the music. I was hearing to “Deep forest” the other day, and it was fun cassette. The music was good, and it didnt have a language barrier..(well I didnt understand a word of it, except where it had been english)

The opening track itself, I had heard in the movie “Gupt”(the title song “Ho jaye gupt..gupt”, and one bit from another song, lifted by none other than my favourite “A.R.Rehman”., the song “Tillana Tillana’s” first part seemed familiar with the deepforest song(I dont remember the movie name.. I’ve heard the song only). Well, I wont say, that this is “lifting”, but cant call it “Inspiration” also. Maybe the musicians acted as catalysts in bringing these beats and tunes to the mass in India. The famous liftings seems to be from western songs and from Pakistani singers also. (Thanks to Nusrat fateh Ali Khan, Ataullah Khan and others.. Anu malik, Viju shah and others composed good songs, and gave it to indian masses.. eg.. Mera piya ghar aaya, Tu cheez badi hai, Acha sila diya tune etc..) But its good as long as we get good music to listen.

Crispy air and sunny day..

So it was afternoon again.. The day is lovely so far and its sunny, with a bit of breeze. How could I resist a walk by the canal again. So was out with Zakir after lunch and this time, we went through a farm road, instead of the canalside(sudden change of plan). but since it has been raining for last two days, the road was muddy and soon we had to backtrack, when we reached a puddle.. beyond it was canal, but we couldnt cross the puddle, and had to return. Zakir was again on with his plans to go back to Bangladesh… I am sure he wont go.. not against the wishes of his wife. This time he has plans set around April.. I am sure, his plans will remain plans only.

Had a chat with prasad in the afternoon, poor guy.. totally confused.. Well, did my bit to cheer him up.. I’m sure everything will work out.

Businessman ho to aisa?!

Raj called at office, and was wondering what I was still doing there.. He wanted to go to Acton Tram depot, where he had to meet a client and wanted the direction and where to get the cab from. I wanted to go to the library, so told him that I will go down there after i go to library and get him some cab numbers as well. When I finally reached there after going to the library, he wanted me to drop him at Acton Tram depot., well he was requesting.. I wanted to turn him down, and then on second thoughts decided to help him out..(am I going out of way to help people??!!)

I was on the net while he got ready, and on the familiar journal, there were a few questions.. I couldnt prevent the smile from my face.. She hasnt changed a bit.. the same old curios lovely person.

Dropped Raj and was back home, sorting my papers, bills etc, when jimmy(my houseowner), dropped in, and was on about the movie on telly “The Rock”. Well, finally got up to watch that movie and It indeed was a nice movie.. an Action thriller. Sean Connory was at his best and Nicolas cage was looking good too.


I should be the happiest man on this world now.. but instead, I am a lot confused.. I fear a lot., fear of losing her. I love her a lot., and she remains silent. I never know, why I always put myself in this position. Had I been a poet, I would’ve wrote a poem today, had I been a painter, would’ve expressed my frustration in colours.. I am not good at either., I went for a long walk by the canal., and I wanted to walk for eternity. No wonder, I can understand “Forrest Gump” going for the trans-US run now!! I would’ve walked for nearly 40 minutes, before I turned back. No bulidings were in sight, only the canal, trees around, the swans, ducks and the gulls. I discovered one thing on the way back..

Life isnt complex..
Unfortunately, Humans are!!