From the scriptures

Salutations to Him who cheats others sometimes, without their Knowledge, having gained their trust; Salutations to Him who cheats regularly; and to Him who indulges in stealing, posing as an acquaintance, Salutations.

Salutations to Him who is constantly moving about looking for an opportunity to steal; moving guardedly in the master’s house or moving in thickly populated places, or moving around in the forests, Salutations to Him who protects such people.

Salutations to the Lord who personifies weapon-wielding persons, to the Lord who assumes the form of people with the killer instinct, to the Lord who protects those destroying and snatching away wealth.

Salutations to Rudra who is in the form of thieves who, armed with weapons prowl in the night, looking for prey, to Him who is the protector of those who thieve and kill, Salutations.

To wp or b2evolution

I have been contemplating to move to a gpl content management system for some time. Now with movable type moving towards commercial objectives (eventhough free version is still on), I am giving serious thoughts about changing to either wordpress or b2evolution. Mostly I might go with wordpress. Any suggestions welcome.

I have also discovered gimp. I have been trying for sometime to add border to an image with shadows. Finally I am able to do that.


This eerie looking picture was taken during a cold winter noon after snowfall, from the backyard of my house. The tree itself looks spooky. Though the picture appear to be artificial, no major change has been done to the image, except for the border addition and shadow effect.

NDA loses

I am still speechless to find that Sonia might become the Prime Minister of India. I still wonder how this happened. Amazing thing was that even the exit polls didnt predict this. For BJP its going to be a bolt from the blue. What lessons might they learn from this?

That next time onwards, when they are in power, they need to abuse it. Forget development and economy, the indian voter will throw you out anyway. So make money when in power. These common people do not deserve anything better.

I believe the same holds true for Chandrababu Naidu, the ex CM of Andhra Pradesh. YSR Reddy (praise the lord) has already declared free electricity to farmers in the state. All the hardwork that Naidu must have put in will be blown away soon.

There is a possibility that vision 2020 will have to wait for another 150 years. But who knows, Congress might just turn a new leaf. Maybe they will emerge as a new party with new faces. But then again, they will be supported by Left, who is anti<everything>.

One thing is sure… India is on crossroads and history is getting enacted.

ps: now pizza too will remind me of India.