the M theory

Science have always fascinated me. No wonder I was glued to the telly, when the program Horizon was going on. The program was about the latest Theory about the Universe – the M thoery. No wonder, when I got a chance to chat with Santosh*, I shared the theory with him.

*a brilliant scientific mind waiting to be discovered

thisispraveen: trust the M theory
thisispraveen: that is behind everything
santosh_gopal: no theory i know…but one thing..
thisispraveen: wht?
thisispraveen: dont you know “M theory”!!!!
santosh_gopal: what theory
thisispraveen: M theory
thisispraveen: the latest
santosh_gopal: M for ?
thisispraveen: membrane, magic, madness, etc etc
thisispraveen: that is the latest thory on the block regarding the origin of the univerese
santosh_gopal: pha
thisispraveen: there was a program in BBC – Horizonyesterday
thisispraveen: they were looking at the latest thories
thisispraveen: you must have heard about superstring theories
santosh_gopal: no
thisispraveen: NO!!!!
santosh_gopal: no
santosh_gopal: tell
thisispraveen: hey you stuck up with einstien and stopped or what
thisispraveen: its something like, all the building blocks are based on superstring
thisispraveen: tiny loops of vibrating energy
santosh_gopal: really?
thisispraveen: yes, read on the net about string theory
thisispraveen: but the scientists were in search of a theory that will explain everything
santosh_gopal: ummm…say i can give..
thisispraveen: but string theory had 5 different versions
santosh_gopal: any way continue
thisispraveen: then there was another scientist
thisispraveen: who was working on super gravity
thisispraveen: there was a bit of rivalry
santosh_gopal: umm
thisispraveen: superstring worked with 10 dimensions
thisispraveen: and supergravity had 11 dimensions
thisispraveen: now they added up the 11th to the superstring theory and all the five different versionS
thisispraveen: were perfect apparently
santosh_gopal: ummm
thisispraveen: and they concluded that its all a membrane in 11th dimension
thisispraveen: that is known a the membrane thoery or “M” theory
thisispraveen: now
santosh_gopal: ohh beu..
thisispraveen: the M theory had to explain the big bang
thisispraveen: any full theory of the universe has to explain everything
thisispraveen: including the big bang
thisispraveen: as the scientists were working on the 11th dimenstion
thisispraveen: dimension
santosh_gopal: ummm
thisispraveen: they found that there are mathematically many membranes there
thisispraveen: they found that there has to be parallel universes
thisispraveen: and the big bang they assume is due to collision of membranes in 11th dimension
thisispraveen: and time can be traced even back than big bang
thisispraveen: Phew!!! that is in short the M thoery.. the latest theory around
thisispraveen: now tell me , do you have a theory which explains everything
santosh_gopal: ummmm
thisispraveen: and you can prove it mathematically?!!
santosh_gopal: ummm..atleast bigbang and more
thisispraveen: can your theory explain, all the functions of teh physical universe and the bigbang
thisispraveen: the singularity concept etc?!!
thisispraveen: yes?
santosh_gopal: daa.i think it explains in principle almost all the existing fundaas i know
thisispraveen: can you put it in mathematical terms ?
santosh_gopal: it is a combination of mathematical theory and physical illustration
santosh_gopal: yaaa
thisispraveen: fully?
santosh_gopal: but only as abstract..still
thisispraveen: will you be able to complete whole thing given time
santosh_gopal: i have not done any whole hearted work on it
santosh_gopal: given no constraints..but then first the abstract should be verified and accepted..else no point
thisispraveen: but do you think that is the model in which everything functions?
santosh_gopal: ya
santosh_gopal: and it explains why an electron here in..
santosh_gopal: a body and that in another body in a distant star are exactly similar
thisispraveen: hmm
santosh_gopal: and it explains inertia..why a body moving at a velocity should continue to do so
thisispraveen: would you like to submit a paper on it to some scientific community
thisispraveen: ?
santosh_gopal: and it explains why there should be attraction and repulsion
thisispraveen: blackholes?
thisispraveen: gravity?
thisispraveen: magnetism?
thisispraveen: origin of universe?
santosh_gopal: last year thwere wass some mind is somewhere…ummm can be tried..ya magnetism too
thisispraveen: quasaras, pulsars?
thisispraveen: space time curve?
santosh_gopal: ya origin of universe and also that
santosh_gopal: time curve..yes
santosh_gopal: and also..
santosh_gopal: about miracles..disappearance of matter and appearing elsewhere..but probability verrryyy low and all
thisispraveen: big bang itself?
thisispraveen: — okay
thisispraveen: I am out of breath
thisispraveen: can I ask you something
santosh_gopal: ummm
santosh_gopal: daa…but this is only abstract..may be foolish in their eyes
santosh_gopal: but..dont u know one thing..all what came as stray thought to me must have already been thought by all those who have worked for years…what
santosh_gopal: i think is…mine is fit to be published in some journal…that is all
santosh_gopal: so…dont think its…worth anything…but if that what comes as a spark is acted upon for full can produce some thing…now this is a possibility
thisispraveen: before einstein
thisispraveen: many thought about relativity, but einstien proved it
thisispraveen: similarly, many people must have thought, but point is can you stand up to the world and say
thisispraveen: here is how the world works
thisispraveen: and here is the proof
santosh_gopal: daaa…..please..i also request u..dont overestimate…u think of Einstein,Ashtavakra and all in relation with me
thisispraveen: spark is same everywhoere
thisispraveen: just that its hiding beyond layers of self underestimation
santosh_gopal: we will what if the world laughs at us?
thisispraveen: we will laugh with them
santosh_gopal: wonderful answers..
thisispraveen: but we know the answer, so we will have the final laugh
thisispraveen: :))
santosh_gopal: wonderful

ps: the transcript is a chopped-edited version

in circles

in circles with life I go,
round and round and round and round.

I search answers,
I stumble on more questions.

I’ve started loving the way,
this happens again and again and over again.

if you chance upon truth, dont let it go,
kill it, exorcise it, and do let me know.

(an entry for praveen.)