I was driving back…

Sometimes some things touch you. Today was one of those days. I was driving back from my office at 12.10 in the morning., the roads were empty and as I was driving through the road going between farms, the moon sprang up in front of me. The sky was cloudless and bright… Moon followed me, and watched over me…

I felt at home, with the world and with the existence..

A bite of travel bug…


After that we drove past Big ben, reached Tower bridge, took walk around.. A lovely evening., had dinner near a restaurant with bad CRM! Then we were back at Big ben… Watched the Clock at Big ben Turn 12.00 am, before we drove back.

ps: My journal is overdue for a long time.. so just jotting down memories of the days gone by…

II Zubin was quick with


Zubin was quick with the map. We all sat in the car, as per the instructions of Rashmi. I knew, once we get out of the car, our weekend trip will be ending up watching a movie and loitering at home. Gee… what a wonderful proposition. Only if Rashmi will allow us to get out of the car! Zubin was quick and was back with the map. Lots of places were considered and finally we decided that we would be going to Greenwich. I had been to Greenwich once and knew the important attractions. Moreover we will be driving through London as well.

Soon we hit the road again, joined A40, and soon we were in front of Madame Tussauds and London Planetarium. Madame Tussauds is worth one visit, and recently Amitabh Bacchans was statue also has been kept on display. I had been to Madame Tussauds and it was nice, but my expectations of London planetarium were really high. Maybe for that reason, I was not satisfied by the performance at the London Planetarium. I rather felt that the Planetarium at Worli, Bombay was more nice, in ambience, content and presentation. Another worthwhile visit in Bombay is the Science center in Worli., which is very close to the Planetarium, but has a different entrance far from it.

A glimpse from the car at Tussauds, which is close to Baker Street Station (remember Sherlock Holmes?), and we were on our way figuring out the way to Greenwich. Two navigators sitting at backseat were scouring the books to find a route to take to our destination. Somewhere around the way, we lost it. I think I am becoming an expert in getting lost. Particularly when Zubin is my navigator. My passengers were getting hungry and a McDonalds gave us the break which was needed. Especially after the near-accident, that I was about to cause. (what can you expect when you apply break and the car skids?!) Further route was discussed over burgers and chips. Someone suggested returning back home to the cozy comforts. “ah yes” I thought, “we came all the way to Central London to have Mc Burger!!!”

The weather was bit cloudy and it was drizzling all the way., we followed the map onwards to Greenwich and after scrambling for places to park, we finally found parking on a basement near cutty shark.

to be continued…


I gave way to laziness today…
slept through all morning
slumber took control of me,
as I melted into a deep sleep,
I woke up in the evening,
to realize that I had slept all day!

I got up., Had a really refreshing bath..
Standing under the lukewarm shower,
With eyes closed..
I could feel all the ripples
of the mind melt away..
No guilty, no remorse.,
I was totally relaxed..
and was with myself again.


Swami VivekandaI make fun of god., and I get several angry-upset-scathing eyes staring me. But I do go on… God seems to be the only person, whom you can make fun of anytime-anyway-anywhere, who wont keep any grudge against you. Am I an atheist? No. Do I believe in god? Yes indeed I do, but its really hard to explain “God”.


“Just as certain world religions say that, people who do not beleive in personal gods outside themselves are atheists., we say that a person who does not believe in himself is an atheist. Not beleiving in the splendor of one’s own soul is what we call atheism”Swami Vivekananda

ps: Swami Vivekananda brought Hinduism and its philosophy to the west, who till that time considered India to be a land of barbarians