caferati flash fiction

I remember the first time when I thought I could write a short story. It was when I read khushwant singh’s tale about his grandmother. Not in the same league as khushwant singh, but maybe in my own league. But my lazy bum being what it is, the ideas for stories always remained where it originated – in my head.

There have been a couple of exceptions though. One was a short fiction written when taleban had demolished the buddha statues [link] and the other was based on a school incident [link]. This time after seeing the caferati flash fiction contest, I narrated a story to my better half, who forced me to write it. The following was the result.

I saw him for the first time there… coming from the flora fountain direction towards kalaghoda. He had a bewitching smile on his lips – maybe he was thinking about something he liked. But he was different. I do normally see a lot of young office going people from where I am. But there was something about this guy that was different.

Maybe he was joining a new job, his tucked-in shirt and trousers with his polished shoes almost announced that it indeed was a new job that he was joining. It was just then that he looked straight at me. His smile broadened a bit. Suddenly, I didn’t know where to look at that moment and pretended as if I wasn’t looking at him at all.

But he came straight towards me, the smile still playing on his lips. Then the unexpected happened, he stood in front of me, touched my forehead and gave a nice smile and walked away. He had some nerve! All the words in the universe wont be able to explain the feelings that I had at that moment. I was embarrassed, a bit ashamed, and at the same time I enjoyed his presence… it was an emotional roller-coaster. Maybe that’s what the poets called love. A small explosion of emotions still happens in my chest, when I think about that moment.

I normally don’t go to the city, unless my mom takes me there. It has always been that way. I shouldn’t wander around alone, its not safe – she had told me. Though she is not my real mom, she has taken care of me since I remember. She always made sure that I look the best when we are going to the city – couple of days a week. I never looked forward to the long trips to the city but never told my mom.

I didn’t want to disappoint her, she was the only one who understood me, and looked after me. Now the trips to the city were worth looking forward to. I dont know how that feeling came about, but I was there next thursday, standing at the same place, looking through the corner of my eye to see if he was coming.

And I wasn’t disappointed. He came again – and instantly recognised me. I dont know why I felt this shyness, maybe its a bane of the female species, but I did take courage and looked directly into his eyes. He walked quickly towards me, indifferent to the walking crowd and people around. He again sent me into a tizzy, when he ran his hand through my head this time. That was all I needed, I felt like turning into a statue then and there for an eternity, just for him to come to me and touch me.

But it didnt last. I was in for a shock which would shatter my heart. The next trip to the city, I saw him, he was coming as usual, but there was this lady walking close with him. I hoped that it was not his girlfriend, but all I could do was that – hope. He came to me directly with her, and I could see she was scared, maybe after seeing me.

She held on to his arm and tried to slide behind him. But he just stood in front of me and touched my forehead again, then just to shatter my dreams, held her hands and helped her stroke my head as well!

At that moment, I felt like breaking the rope and sinking my sharp horns into her belly. But they both left quickly, leaving me with a broken heart. What if I was a cow, I too have feelings.

I had sent a further edited version for the contest, but anyway didn’t win. It did reach the second round though. Do let me know if you liked it.