Defence for nation

On one hand where america is preparing the missile defence systems, Indian defence minister George Fernandes has told the parliament, that Government is taking efforts to protect the country from possible nuclear and biological attacks. Its a welcome change to see that steps are being taken for the protection of the people, in the event of such happenings

George Fernandes had earlier created a furore by stating china to be india’s potential threat no.1. After one humiliating defeat in the hand of chinese, no defence minister can be complacent about the security of India.

corrupt law enforcers

As per a bbc report, police come in top of the corruption list in South Asia. The survey conducted in five countries took into account seven basic public services offered by the countries. Interestingly, Judiciary also figures in the corruption list. Though the credibility of survey is questionable (5000+ surveyed in india), the suggestion of judiciary being corrupt itself rings alarm bell.

Power from garbage

Bihar is in news, for a reasons other than notoriety. US firm intends to invest in a project to generate power from Garbage processing. It is menations that as per the firm this will be the first of its kind in asia, which seems to be refutable. Banglore Mahanagar palike also seems to have plans for the same.For those interested in the technical aspects of generating power from garbage, here’s an article from green-trust.

Death sentence for Parliament attack conspirators

Three people were sentenced to death for conspiring with terrorists. Though the sentence can be challenged in higher courts, this incident will be bringing forth the discussion about capital punishment. Capital punishment, which is rare in india was last carried out in 1989, when Satwant singh and Kehar singh were hanged for the assassination of Ms. Indira Gandhi.

Linking rivers in India

Indian Government is planning to link all the major rivers by 2016. After an initial estimate of 30 years for this project, the Government scaled the project timescale to 14 years. Given the scale of the project, it remains to see if the government will achive this by the time frame given.

I would imagine that such a project will help our agriculture, tackle untimely draught and flood, and also open up transport routes, in addition to the employment it will generate. Way to go.