Height of belief…

“So” I asked., “as per your religious books, the world was created maximum 4000-5000 years ago”.

“Yes,” the believer said.

“Then,” I further queried him, “how do you explain the million year old fossils of Dinosaurs?”

The believer replied. “When God created the world 4000-5000 years ago, he implanted those fossils on earth. God wanted to test humans, if they will believe in him, or the fossils!”

Well, I didn?t have anything further to ask or tell him

Random thoughts on a friday evening…

Today we had 3 minutes silence during afternoon, for the memory of the people who died in the terrorist attack. This was a solidarity demonstration for the sorrowed people of America..

I also kept silent for 3 minutes.. I was thinking in those three minutes., I was keeping silence for the souls of the people killed in the tragedy… does that people include the terrorists who also got killed? I think so.. afterall they also were humans, who died in the end.

What is right, what is wrong.. isnt world turning out to be a place of hypocrites.

~*~     ~*~

I sympathise with the people who died and the people who suffered their loss. But the clamour of war was not sounding too good. Projecting America as victims of terrorism, and clamour for an all out war seemed like another barbarian civilization emerging.

~*~     ~*~

It seemed funny to me, how nations have pledged all out support to US., that too unconditional. If US bombs a poor country.., killing innocent civilians., in the name of anti-terrorism, all the nations will now be apparently supporting them. A cultural genocide emerging? Most nations, including arab nations and pakistan(?!) have said that they are with America in the fight against terrorism!!! It will be better for america to realise that, Friendship based of fear and terror wont last long and they might have to pay a bigger price later…

~*~     ~*~

I am against “eye for eye” policy., which is practised as a law in most Islamic countries. Islam has a long way to go. The Barbaric middle ages have gone past. They seem to be more interested in staying in the Barbaric middle ages. Islam is pushed down the throats of young muslims, who later refuse to look at any other options in front of them. I can understand the shame that any muslim will feel after the terrorist bombings.

~*~     ~*~

Is there an end to all this? The realistic answer is no! Conflicts will be there, since its the nature of humans…

~*~     ~*~

A suggestion from our office “Ban all religions of the World”., Most of the wars and destructions seem to be done in the name of religion. I knew for sure, banning and banishing all religions will make God much happier.

~*~     ~*~

I was tense and met god., and I asked him. “Whats the meaning of all this” He looked back at me., deep into my eyes., and he was silent. I got the glimpse of the answer, and I too became silent.

Have we grown up so fast…

After a lazy sunday morning, a late afternoon shower, we all decided to go out., and what better thing to do on a sunday evening than sit on swings..

We went to a park in southall., and on the first opportunity grabbed the swings. Well, Myself, Rashmi and Zubin did… I dont know why others dont give swing a try. You are never too old to be a child again.

Had a wonderful evening, and a nice dinner with friends. Sundays should go like this…

London never ceases to surprise us…

Today after planning a trip to Cornwall, we ended up going to Central london. But we found that London had more to offer us, than we had ever seen. Our first visit was Selfridges. A huge department store with a wide variety of shops inside. I was in the books section and the glass section, where artists have used glass as a medium of their creativity.

After the brief visit, we had our lunch at “american burger”, which turned out to be a damp squib, before we caught a bus to Westminister. From Westminister we were to take the walk from Waterloo station. We started walking from the Bigben, through the millenium wheel., a long walk by river thames. Artists were playing along the footpath. and Zubin was enraptured by a westerner playing sitar.

We had a short break at National Film theatre, in front of which a book exhibition was going on. We soon started from there, past the Tate mordern art gallery, past millenium hanging brigde., closed due to faulty design/construction. Soon we reached Vinepolis, the city of wine. I was admiring the architecture of the building, and wondering at the total “earthiness” of the building.

Out from vinepolis, again joining the path by thames, the Queens walk, we went past a thai restaurant, which due to dissenting voices, I couldnt visit. Another long stretch of walk took us past HMS belfast, a warship of 1938. Soon we were near Tower bridge, and past the tower bridge, we soon were on the underground, catching a train back home..

A quick visit to Pizza hut,. and a watching a movie at home., before I knew, I was on a journey to sleepland.