Sophies world..

Today I had to go to clients site for some work. I also had to take some backup’s, and I knew I will get some time to spend doing nothing.. Satruday I had made provisions for that.. I had to dig out “Sophies World” by Jostein Gaarder, from the Hillingdon libraries! The book was available at some library, which I have never been to, and after one hour of search and re-directions, I reached the library and grabbed the copy of Sophies world.

Indeed I got time while doing the work and started the journey of philosophy from ancient Greece. By the time I was driving back at around 8.30 night, Plato was on my mind. I was too tired today and went directly to bed.. feel like I will be sick tomorrow!!

My Saaaaambaaar Guru!!!

oops!! I got a comment from my Saambaar Guru!! none other than Praveen.. Yes indeed, I had omitted my dedication to my Sambar Guru. I remember the day, when he used to Stay at Kalyan with Mohanettan. He used to be chief Cook. There were other characters also floating around in the house. Prabha was a character, who used to get drunk and shout at Mohanettan only to get disciplined by him later. Mohanettan was a strict Disciplinarian. Mohanettan wanted Praveen to do IAS!!(he knew that praveen had the potential and encouraged him too). But it was not to happen. It was not long before that he got selected in Textile Committee and moved back to Kerala.

I still dont know, whats the bond between us.. but for me he has been one of the rare persons who have come into my life to make a real difference. I am not in touch with any of my school friends.. I doubt if any remember me also. From collage, I used to roam around with Sunil and Viji(we smoked together, cutting classes), and waste my time., and Roy(another important person in my life, I have lost touch with him) had to bail me out to complete my pre-degree!! Pre-degree was a two year course and at the end of first year, Roy had absconded to become a Christian priest, only to be brought back to collage by his parents.. We used to have several conversations and we grew close by end of second year. I tried to be in touch with him after coming to Bombay, but he was not at his house. Hmm.. I will try to contact him this time, when I come to India. I always had Santosh from childhood, who looked upto me?!(Why?!! I still wonder) I will be meeting him in calcutta, when I come to India!!

My Sambar Guru (Praveen), had also helped me become a more rational thinker.. We still share some bond between us.. He’s an intellectual, I’m anything but an intellectual. Praveen., if you are reading this.. forget it man.. I am lying.. you’re not that great!! (heee heee)


Our office is my another home.. I have most of my fun there. I sit between Zakir, and Seatal(my sub-boss) and opposite Zakir sits Pat, opposite me sits Neesha, and opposite Seatal sits Richard. Zakir and Richard are by nature quiet, where as Pat and Seatal dont leave any chance to take a dig at anyone.. Me too am in their leauge and Neesha is our Gossip box!! Needless to say, our table is the most alive in the office. So when Seatal was not speaking today, naturally all were curios. He said that he was depressed.. He’s bored and totally depressed.. Others tried to cheer him up but he wouldnt budge and was hanging is head into the monitor.. I had to speak to him and following is somewhat the conversation that expired between us.

“So Seatal, You’re depressed,” I began.
“Yes.. Totally depressed and bored” he replied.
“Really depressed, that you dont find life interesting at all?”
“hmm.. Yes” You could read from his face that he was depressed..

I paused for a while..(I know how to make the conversations dramatic)

“Have you considered Suicide?”

I could hear a clear desperate sighh!!! all around my desk..

“Have you considered Suicide?” I asked again..
“Hmm.. yes!!” he replied
“Have you thought about the method you’re going to adopt?”
“for what?”
“for suicide ofcourse?”

I could hear the protests rising from our desk.. Richard was too vocal, and Neesha too was making faces at me. They were angry that I was not helping Seatal.. But I was helping him!!

“hmm.. yes” Seatal replied
“Have you thought about the cost involved.. and do you have the money for that?” I asked.
Seatal being a bit money consious(no he isnt stingy..) looked at me now..
and said.. “oops.. Suicide is expensive isnt it..”
“Ah.. Yes!! and you have to plan well too”

“Will anyone cry if I die?” he asked..
“Naah.. forget it.. I’ll be happy that I will get two days off!!” I replied..
“I will cry for a couple of days and then I will forget” Neesha said honestly.
For Richard Death was too hot a topic to discuss..
Poor Seatal, a smile was coming on corner of his face.

Soon Neesha and myslef were hatching plot, as to how to take advantage of Seatal during this depression.. I suggested that, We should put Seatal on anti-depressant drugs and make him addicted to that and then we should supply it for a cost and we will soon make him a beggar!! Seatal was listening to all this.. and started laughing!!!

The table was the louder side of the office soon.

interesting fact:- We got several sponsorships for Seatal’s suicide the next day.. people were ready to bear the whole cost for his suicide..


Normally, at office, first thing I do is to check my emails(I’m poor in replying them..), then go on to The Times of india to catchup with the news back home, and occasionaly drop into The Hindu (The best paper, I feel, though I havent read Newspapers in the North of India), before moving and loitering in other journals.. The prominent journals are of Mahesh, Neena and then the blogs of Madman(they provide some interesting reading).

The other day, I was reading the journal of trupti, and she was a bit upset with the political scene of India. And she mentioned, that she hasnt voted??!! My god!! If the educated elite of India dont help deciding the rulers of India, no wonder our country is going to have More Laloo Yadav’s and Mayavati’s. The fundamental right of voting is a Fundamental duty of every adult citizen of India. Those who dont vote(sorry trupti), shouldnt criticize the Government. Yes, I voted, The BJP government did get my vote.. And I am not sad at the “Tehelka” sensation.. I voted for them as the only party, whom I saw could bring a real change in India. I am sure this “Tehelka” thing has prompted them for an introspection and they are considering the Lokpal bill seriously., where all the peoples representatives can be held accountable. I wanted the BJP to go ahead with Uniform Civil Code. I understand, that it, in short will have one law for an Indian Citizen. At present, you have different laws, based on religion.. Hindu law, Muslim law.. I Wonder how we are a secular nation, With different law for different religious people.

Though I cant feel the national mindset after the “Tehelka” episode(I can only see the newspapers, that too hoo), I still beleive, BJP Stands better than Congress(forget other parties, they dont have a national presence also) in reforming India. No I dont agree with the Babri Masjid Demolition, but I voted for BJP because of the TINA factor (There Is No Alternative!!!). And as to choice between Democracy and Dictatorship.. I am sure India is not suited for Dictator rule, due to the basic fact that India is a huge country with diverse cultures and mindsets, and one dictator will not be able to hold the whole country together..(vajpayee is a different case). Democracy!! yes.. we are moving towards more federalism, whereby which states are given more and more freedom for the betterment of the people. India has got one of the Best democratic setup in the world.. The only minus factor is that its still in paper and not implemented properly.

Yes, I have got some ideas for the Rapid development of India, but need time to put it into words. This topic was a hot topic for discussion between me and Praveen, from whom I have learnt a lot(since he was more politically active than I have been) and I am sure he has got the clear picture than me.

But one request to anyone who read this entry. Exercise your right to vote.


Had my Performance review yesterday..Went really well(Yes.. Really well). After the reveiw I was wondering.. Do I underestimate myself or am I being a bit diplomatic? I rated myself good in most of the counts(I know I am good!!), and I got the review of Very Good!!(taking a bow). Nice to know that my performance has not deteriorated in last one year. But I have identified a lot of areas, where I can really improve. I have had a good exposure here.. Starting off as a programmer, I had adopted to an application consultant, Comms person, network administrator, Notes administrator, asset programmer, EDI consultant, System consultant etc etc.. But has been a good learning experience so far. Oops.. but the expertise is limited.. But a good programmer can be all these easily..(so its nothing great). It all comes logically. Any problem, gives half of the solution as soon as the problem is understood correctly, and the other half of the solution is just implementation. Once that picture is clear, you can solve any problem, be it in any field(only thing requried is interest in that field)..

Live Journal

seems to be the place where you can express your creativity(ie if you have anything like that, unlike me). But can a person completely express himself through words.. I doubt. A portion of the personality is revealed through the words and the way it is expressed, but it dosent bring out the person fully. I have been offlate, getting more and more busy., and the journal is not getting updated properly.. (eg: I am updating this entry on 02/04, well behind schedule.) But it seems that its just a question of organizing oneself correctly. Sorry, I am not that well-organised person. My room transforms from a neatly arranged one to a dump-yard in a matter of a day and then it remains like that, till I really get fed up of it, and clear it all up in an hour(yes, it takes only one hour for me to set everything right..and clean my room). But for this one hour to come., I wait for even days sometimes. On the other hand, whenever I have been to Sunita’s place, I have found it to be spotlessly clean. Maybe it all has to do with habits.

I have been thinking that, I should be using livejournal to put my thoughts in black and white.. some really good ideas(thats what I think) and some really stupid(gee.. I’ve got plenty of them).. Whatever it might be.. maybe I can put all those explicitly and in future, maybe it will provide me with entertainment. Or maybe even I can contemplate and reveiw the things which I have blogged. mebbe, I should start soon. I’m also planning to change the journal to paid account, and integrate with my website, which also needs a major overhaul..(have to put CSS and am too lazy to change all of them.. havent yet developed the photographs taken on the trip to Sweden.) What a lazy twit, I am turning out to be!!

But for the moment, I will concentrate on putting the journal upto-date..

Biological Clock

Please dont tamper with my Biological Clock. Sheesh!! I have lost one hour today. The time has changed as soon as the spring has come and I have lost one hour. I will have to get up one hour earlier than my biological clock is accustomed to just beacause of this stupid time change here. Every spring one hour is increased and autumn its decreased. Now the difference between Indian Standard time and time here is four and half hours.. But come autumn again, the clock will be adjusted and it will be five and half hours difference. Justification for this time change.. more daylight during daytime. Well one thing is good.. soon the Sun will rise at around 4.30 in the morning and set at around 10.30 in the night. Thats cool.. more daylight. You can roam around in the roads at aroudn 9.30 at night,and you will feel like its 4.30 in the evening. Welcome summer!!!

Had a chat with Prem, Mama and co back in Kerala. Nice feeling after having a chat with them. Sunday goes..

A perfect Sambar

Saturday.. had some work.(yay! another half day in lieu.. I can spend that in India). After work, went to Sunita’s house directly and saw another Malayalam movie..”Pranayavarnangal”.. Beleive it or not, Malayalam movies are really good., compared to the bollywood & Mollywood masala ones!

Evening and the cook in me woke up suddenly. Rashmi didnt want to cook!., and comes the services of the great chef.. Praveen!!! I wanted to make Sambar for a long time and that too by making sambar masala myself. I just did that! I loved the sambar which I made and I knew Rashmi, Zubin and Raj too liked it, since after dinner, the Sambar was empty!! Why dont I write the recepie in the journal.. here it is..

Step 1. Cut potatoes and Onions and boil it in Tamarind Water

Step 2. Roast full dhaniya(not powder), 1/2 teaspoon methi(read very little) and Red chillies(dried ones)., take shredded coconut and grind them together..(Sambar masala ready!!)

Step 3. Boil Tuvar Dal well, and then mash it.

Step 4. Once potatoes and Onions are cooked well in the tamarind water, add the ground masala to it.. and boil further.. when everythings ready, add mashed tuvar dal to it.. add salt to taste.. and your sambar ready!!

Yumm!!! (Future praveen will read this and try to make sambar again!!)

Mir Comes Down..

Click to to see the 16 year history of MirMir space station, finally came down today.. Yes, I am a bit sad.. It could’ve been converted to a space-age hotel, only if all countries decided so.. But it came down. No secrets, I loved Russia, more than America, though I didnt have even a fair idea, during that time what communism was and what capitalism was. But I loved the way science was progressing.. Once a while I would spot a sattelite in the night sky and will feel really grateful for the science, which produced that. A sad end.. to a giant mission. Erstwhile communist USSR is now in tatters.. America now plays the Big Brother. No.. I am not against America or any ideology.. just fascination with science..