Sarvam Khalvidam Brahmam

We all met on the way and walked together…

Patterns, Nothing but Patterns,
The whole world is nothing but patterns of patterns.
The neo-mathematician said.
You, Me, and the thoughts, Earth, Sky and Eternal Time,
Nothing but Pure patterns.

Vibrations, Nothing but vibrations,
The whole world is nothing but vibrations within vibrations.
The neo-physicist said.
You, Me, and the thoughts, Earth, Sky and Eternal Time,
Nothing but Pure vibrations.

Consciousness, Nothing but consciousness,
The whole world is nothing but a divine play of consciousness.
The neo-sanyasin said.
You, Me, and the thoughts, Earth, Sky and Eternal Time,
Nothing but the play of pure consciousness.

Illusion, Nothing but Pure Dream,
The whole world is nothing but a big dream, a great Illusion.
The neo-alchemist said.
You, Me, and the thoughts, Earth, Sky and Eternal Time,
Nothing but a great illusion, a big dream.

I scratched my head and went my way, and they went their ways…

ET – The Extra Terrestrial

ET – The Movie, is on a re-run in UK after twenty long years. I have heard about this movie for the first time from my wife. She was totally surprised that I didn’t know about the Movie ET! Well, I didn’t. Similarly, I have only heard about the classics like Casablanca, Fiddler on the Roof and even not-so-old movies like Pulp-Fiction. I never have been able to see the so-called Classic-Movies made in Hollywood.

When I was a schoolboy, my friends and myself used to pool 1 rupee each, and then go to a video parlour where we paid to watch “Tom and Jerry”. The earliest memory of watching a movie in theatre goes back to my primary school. I remember that our teacher took us all to watch the Malayalam children’s movie – Kummatti. Apart from a few glimpses, I don’t remember anything about that movie. But I remember that all of us – children – were very excited to go for it.

It was years later, that I saw a “Children’s” Movie, which was made in Hollywood. It was “The Kid” one of Charlie Chaplin Classics. Kumar Anna, my cousin, who was elder to me and was in college, took me for that movie. Still I had long years to go, before I got Interested in English Movies. It was not until I moved to Cosmopolitan City of Mumbai, that I got more acquainted with the English movies.

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to watch those so called “English-Classics”. Maybe my dosage of Malayalam and Hindi movies might be one of the reasons for my non-obsession with Hollywood productions. Anyway, as I sat watching the movie ET.., I realised, either I have grown up, or the movie was not that “classic” as it was made out to be.

We Celebrated Vishu…

Last night radhu had told me about the preparations rashmi was making for Vishu. Though it was a huge hint, I was not ready for what followed this morning. I was taken by surprise when I was woken up from sleep. Both my eyes held closed by my wife’s palms, I was led downstairs, where Vishu-Kani awaited me. (thanks, radhu.)

Vishu-kani at home

I was touched. Happy memories of childhood came rushing. So did the awareness that I was far-away from the family. Within an hour, the whole family was on the other end of the phone. I indeed celebrated vishu with heart full of joy.

Happy Vishu

The day ended with a Kerala style sadya at Rashmi’s house.

Hindu Nationalism

In recent days, there have been more written about the Hindu-fundamentalism and the way its tearing apart the so called “secular-fabric” of India. Nearly all the journalists are quick to jump the gun, blaming the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, RSS and other organisations for threatening the Secularism of India. The Indian press has been vehement in asking for the banning of these organisations to restore the secular balance and confidence of the minority people of India.

I wonder where the Indian press was, when SIMI was active in India. When the government banned SIMI, some sections of Indian press even were criticising the Government for the move! It was said that the “right wing” BJP government was doing this as a political move! SIMI was an organisation, which wanted India to be an Islamic State, a state that follows the Sharia laws. Ah yes, who said Taliban was not welcome in India!

Indian press seems to be ridiculously biased in its reporting, which reflects itself in the western media also. Killing of Graham Staines and his family, not only came in the headlines, but also a series of articles exalting their work, and how ashamed Hindu’s should be to be after that incident. The constructive work of organisations like RSS, hardly gets any place in the media, lest it be termed “non-secular”. I am sure the media’s bias has been to such an extent that the reader might be wondering if RSS does any constructive work at all! Here is a link to the newspaper report about the Kutch Earthquake [link]

Coming back to Graham Staines, the press was never really interested in finding why he was torched to death. They were after the sensational news, not the reasons why he was torched to death. Missionary proselytising activities have been going on in India for a long time with the support of heavy western funding. There is still a huge missionary network in India, hell bent on converting people to Christianity. These people don’t even hesitate to quote from Bhagavad Gita, to achieve their aims. For them Jesus Christ was the only saviour of mankind. But even then Hindus are fundamentalist and should be guilty as per the Indian Media [link]

On the other hand, Islamic preachers have also been active for centuries. Historically they have caused more damage to the secular fabric of India. The atrocities that were being committed by Islamic marauders centuries ago followed by the Islamic sultanates, and currently followed up by the fanatical breed of jihadi elements are listless. One may say, why go back into history, why dig sleeping graves. Indeed we should not be digging graves, but we need to look into all those facts to go behind the rise of so called Hindu Fundamentalism. Coming back to present, we saw the predicament of the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Buddhadev Bhattacharya, who said some facts about the unaffiliated Madrassa’s in the State [link]. He had to retract his statement, following the Communist party’s command. Sorry, you are only supposed to make factually politically correct statements.

Any culture that feels threatened will rise to defend itself, and violence becomes an option for that society. If you keep on suppressing a section of society, and in case of India, the majority Hindu community, time will come when they explode, which may cause damage which cannot be contained. The rise of Hindu nationalism is only an effect of this. Sprouting Madrassa’s around the country is fine, but singing Vande Maataram in Schools is wrong and is an indicator of the rising Hindu Fundamentalism!! And I always thought that Vande Maataram was a song sung by the Freedom fighters of India.

I do agree that violence does not provide a solution to any issue, on the contrary it fuels more hatred and violence completing the vicious circle. The rise of suppressed Hindu Nationalism is going to be a major factor in the future of India. Hindu’s are getting more and more active, and more getting aware of the suppression they have been facing for long. History doesn’t help here, India has seen a history, where Hindu’s have been on the receiving end for very long time. Its natural that slowly the people realise that this has to stop. Though it seems like a pessimistic future, 50+ years of Independence and misrule has brought us to this path.


During Easter, UK has a 4 day holiday. It begins with Good Friday holiday, followed by Saturday and Sunday, and the Easter-holiday falling on Sunday is given on Monday. We had 4 full days in our hand and we planned a holiday to Amsterdam.

Going by the title of our guide book, Europe on a shoestring by lonely planet, we took the easiest and the economical option to reach Amsterdam. We went by bus. It was told that it would be a 12 hour journey, including a ferry trip, which will take us and our bus accross the English channel. Our journey was to commence on Thursday evening, and we will reach Amsterdam on 29th late morning.

The accomodation we were trying, were mainly hostel type, but most of them were booked already, and since Easter was long weekend, we didnt get any booking at any hotels within Amsterdam city. The alternative was to look for accomodation just outside the city, and we got the booking near Schipol Airport, the Airport of Amsterdam.

The next important thing to get next, after the tickets and hotel reservations was the schengen visa. It will indeed suffice to say that we got the visa in time for the journey. Just because you stay in london, shouldnt have made us believe that there wont be any queue in the Embassy for the Visa. We got our Visa during our third visit to the Embassy office.

The thursday trip was getting closer, and thurday apparently I got even more busier than usual in the office. Finally in the evening, all packing done, we set off to Victoria Coach Station in Central London, to catch our Coach to Amsterdam.

To be continued…