Those who know..

The argument began when Veena, Vijay’s wife was talking about Gauri’s(their daughter) questions. Since “Ganpati” was approaching, Gauri was suggesting that she will also go with ganesh in water and then she can meet god.. and other questions regarding god., for which Veena scolded her!!

Indeed a hot topic for “Grown-up Adults”., and it was interesting to find different ideas coming from different adults., about how to contact god!! Well each had his own ideas regarding god and I too had mine.. It wasnt long after that discussion that I remembered an ancient tao saying..

Those who know, dont tell;
and those who tell, dont know!!

A movie..

So it was another go for lagaan, the movie, I hadnt been able to see the movie yet, though I have tried for it several times.. Everytime, I miss the movie due to some or other reason.. Today I had another try.. and ended up watching a totally different movie.. The Swordfish..

Finally a moive where villian wins. I have always been irritated by bollywood villians, who always has to lose in the end. Bollywood villians can kill any other character, except the hero, with just a single bullet, but even when the villian sprays the bullets at the hero and out comes the hero, unscathed by any of the bullets.. to bash up the villian and make the story totally illogical.. (oops!! I forgot.. logic and Bollywood movies?!! A wild stretch of imagination??!!)

Swordfish was a good “time-pass” action movie, and a thriller too.. In the movie Jhon Travolta asks a question to the hero.. I asked the same question to some after the movie.. The question goes something like this.. “you will be offered permanent cure of all the diseases of humanity., but in return you will have to kill an innocent child.. will you do that?”

What would you do?

Laws of physics..

This incident happened when I was in school. Our school was around a mile from my house, and on my way to school, I used to go to my friend, Manikandan’s house, from where we both will go together to school.

One day while coming back from school(as usual tired!), we saw a lorry on the road leading to manikandan’s house, and it was about to start. Since the road we regularly used was a sparingly used one, there was not much people also on the road. Just a quick glance at each other, and we jumped to the back of the lorry and clung there, when the lorry started.. We were enjoying the journey clinging to the lorry’s iron bars in the back, but soon we realized, the lorry driver had no intention to stop when he reached manikandan’s house!! Ofcourse he had not seen us, else who would allow two small brats to cling to the back of their lorry.

Manikandan’s house passed and since we had no choice, but to leave the lorry, which was in high speed now and fall in the road, but we both were waiting for the other to drop first.. Well, Manikandan, I knew will never drop off the lorry unless I did, so I did that, and in flash of second I was lying in the middle of road flat, and the lorry zooming out of my eyes, with manikandan clung on to it!!

I was sure, he will also follow suit, and by the time he came after “falling” from the lorry, My knees were gushing blood and also the skin of my palms had sort-of come-off. But Interestingly I found out that Manikandan had less bruises and I was wondering why. Anyway we agreed to keep this adventure with ourselves, lest we(especially manikandan) would’ve to go trough another adventure with our parents..

While walking home from manikandan’s house, where I got my first aid(yes, we lied about the bruises), I was pondering why manikandan had less bruises than me.. Well, thanks to the physics lessons we had at school I didnt need much time to figure out..

  1. Manikandan was lean and I was healthy(nooo. I was not fat!! 😀 hence I had more mass than manikandan, and I had more impact
  2. When I jumped off the lorry, the lorry’s speed was more, and hence the impact was more.
  3. When Manikandan jumped off, the lorry was approaching a corner and hence the lorry driver slowed, slowing manikandan’s body’s velocity.
  4. and so on..

By the time I reached home, with aching bruises, I had somewhat re-invented Newtons laws of motion.,


Today, in the evening as I was walking out of Sainsbury’s pushing a full shopping cart, I suddenly noticed..

a father was helping his young son to cross the road., He was holding the hands of his son and was smiling to him, encouraging him.. I found out soon, that his son was retarded..

I felt sympathy and sadness. But I noticed I felt it for the parent, who was encouraging his son..

Hmm… I wonder the predicament of God., he has to answer for a lot of things.. maybe thats why he’s in hiding..

days just go by..

No.. I havent a clue about the days gone by. Many things went past, many new lessons, many new impressions, many thoughts ringing again and again.. Havent updated the journal for a while.. has been sitting in front of the screen past few days, but the words just wont come.. I start writing and the words stop, then I blink for a few moments, before logging out or closing the window. The remedy, start writing whatever comes to the mind.. so here I go..

Another Story…

I was narrating this story to Rashmi, after my Car-theft-incident. Rashmi was remarking that I was going thorough a bad phase, maybe I am, but this story came to my mind. Rashmi instructed me to put the story here..

Once upon a time, there was a villager in a village by side of a forest, who owned a horse stable and reared horse for occupation. He lived happily with his wife and his young son., and all the villagers respected him for his knowledge and people used to go to him for advise.

One day, one of the best horses from his stable ran away to the jungle near the village. The villagers considered it to be the lucky horse, as they believed it brought him the prosperity. The villagers went to the farmer and conveyed their sorrow over this bad-luck, to which the villager replied “Good-luck or Bad-luck.. Who knows??”

Soon it happened that the horse which fled away to the forest, came back with a lot of wild horses following it.. The villagers were wondering at the good-luck of the villager, and went to congratulate him, and the villager as usual replied with a smile on his lips “Good-luck or Bad-luck.. Who knows??”

Soon, another incident followed, the son of the villager while training one of the wild horses fell from the horse and fractured his leg. The villagers again said “Bad luck” to which the villagers reply again was “Good-luck or Bad-luck.. Who knows??”

So it was to happen, The king of the country got engaged in a war with neighbouring country, and he ordered that all the healthy youths should join the army with immediate effect and help in war. All the youth from the village joined Army, except our villagers son, because of his fractured leg. The villagers again said.. “Good Luck..”

I am sure you might be knowing what the villager replied.

ps: I heard this story long time ago.. I have forgotten the source