Had a chat with Pradeep.. No one else logged in.. are all at loggerheads?? He is trying his best to help everyone.. I just wish that all get well. Now I think I have to mail Pradeep regarding Prasad. I cannot hide anything from Prasanth, Praveen and Pradeep. I was thinking of an holiday to US, after Pradeep has gone there. After the chat, had a good lunch..(Dhansak by Rashmi with Jeera Rice along with fried lijjat Pappodom).

Went home after that (loads of clothes to wash), washed., and again went for a session with Java book.. I think I will learn Java 1.2 fully by the time Sun Releases Java 8.2. It was getting dark by around 4.30 itself and my clothes were still wet. had to hang them in my room.. (I hate living with damp clothes hanging around me., but has no other options). Finally back to Zubins house., to update journal. I think that will be the end of first weekend after I have started journaling..

(I know that future praveen will be reading this.. and laugh at all these rubbish routine)

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