Why we miss all these

Just had a chat with Prasad.. he just dropped in from one of his friends Cybercafe. He is in a bad situation.. I can feel for him.. But as the saying goes ” Some times in Life.. you have to stand back.. and Watch”. You dont do anything.. just look.. I think now my time is for that.

Some of our colleagues are going to Mt.Kilmanjaro during next summer for a weeks trekking. I would have loved to.. but there are other commitments. How foolish we were, when we were in India and we had a lot of places to go and we just wasted our time in job, career and other silly things.. When one looks back.. one miss those things. When your life becomes a routine… you need a break..

Prasad said that Prem will be online today evening.. well that will be in another hours time.. I will wait for him..

I havent written to Praveen for a while.. I think I will do that now.

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