How do people find time to blog regularly, after spending long time at work, then travelling, reading, surfing. I havent been able to even log on to my mt for some time now. Discipline, maybe thats whats needed. But then thoughts which are not fully formed, do they need to be expressed.

Do I want to jump into bandwagons of for and against, of “yes I agree” and “no, I dont agree”, of “yes I support” and “no I dont”. Do I have to look in one way only. Some questions remain unanswered. My thinking seems clouded now. Maybe I will wait till the cloud lifts.

3 thoughts on “Confusion”

  1. I think it’s a combination of discipline, interest and need. And that cloud, in my experience, rarely ever lifts. There are moments of bright sunshine and warm sunny days, but the clouds. It’s might hard to get rid of them 🙂

  2. Some days I read various pieces of news on which I have to make a comment. I write those posts and keep it in draft mode in MovableType. Then on days when I have nothing to write, I pick something from my drafts and post them. So if you look at my blog, you will get an impression that I write everyday.

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