Jamie… Jamie… Jaime and the magic torch

Jamie and the magic torch was one of the kids programmes shown on the television, when I was a kid. Recently while testing something I put in some value as Jamie and it triggered that memory. In the evenings after school, we used to play at ambala-parambu (temple grounds), and I used to be back from the ground in time to watch Jamie and the magic torch on doordarshan.

Jamie had a magic torch. Jamie’s mom would tell good night to him and his dog, and as soon as she left, they both would get up, and jamie will shine the magic torch on the floor. On the floor will appear a tunnel through which jamie and his dog wordsworth would go to another world altogether. I could virtually see them sliding down a spiral structure, coming out from the hollow base of a tree, bouncing on a square platform with cirlces drawn on it(I now know its a trampoline) and landing. I could remember the character of a policeman, who will eat his baton and take another one from under his hat.

A quick search on google brought the characters right in front with all the pictures of the above events, I got the theme music of that show as well {listen/download}. The theme music is really good. It was really surprising to find that some of my colleagues also remembered this programme, the only difference, that they watched it in UK, when they were kids.

The other programs that I remember, which tied us to the telly set in
childhood were Giant Robot, He-man and the masters of the universe and Spider man. The favourite of them being Giant Robot. Giant Robot was the hero, controlled by a japanese kid by speaking into his wrist watch. Giant Robot could fly, and was really strong and big, and took on all the evil enemies.

I remember a particular episode, where the evil scientist creates a liquid which dissolves everything that comes into its path. The liquid reaches Giant robot, and I sat there hoping that the Giant robot will fly away. To my horror, the giant robot is also dissolved by the liquid. The evil villian is all set to win, giant robot is no more and then suddenly the giant robot appears on the sky! He was flying all the time! The one which dissolved was just a decoy! I was so happy to see giant robot win again.

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