12 thoughts on “Feeling lonesome”

  1. The coconut tree…the electric/phone lines…the tiled roof…and above all the wisp of smoke coming out of the chimney…(what’s cooking? aappam?dosa?or just some nellukuthari kanji?)simply awesome photo!

  2. Reshma,

    Entelechy is still stuck with april phools! She was blaming it on some block. If that was a drainage block or a concrete block, I could have helped her, but she says it is some some blog-block or writers-block. 😉

  3. 🙁 Dont think I have pictures of them. I remember that I always used to prefer them over the private buses. Rusty and dusty they might be, but always took you to destination much faster, if only you managed to get into it. And you always managed to get a free mini-roller-coaster ride. 😉

  4. How can you miss what never went away? Look into your heart; look into your memories. Use a webcam… It’s still there….so what’s to miss? Except of course a million little things that didn’t even seem to matter then…. but boy do they now.
    They call this the semigrant’s burden where I come from 🙂
    Posted by the way by someone who regularly spends long evenings missing a place that actually has gone away: Ireland circa 1986!

  5. hi,
    just stopped by, got here from the mallu blogs links page…

    the photo looks great. Do you think you could spare me some more photos of Kerala, if you have any? I miss Kerala just a wee bit more than I miss my family.

    Can I please use the image on the livejournal community that I created,
    http://www.livejournal.com/users/kerala ? of course i will certainly mention that i got it from here.

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