After reading Varsha Bhosle’s article, I was feeling uncomfortable. I knew that whatever she had written, made sense, and that made me even more uncomfortable. A quick search on the internet provided the link to Nathuram Godse’s defense in court, for the charge of assassination of Gandhi. The history we have learnt or we were fed, now I realise was a customised one. Customised according to the people who decide what I should learn, a one sided view. Indeed our freedom movement has a lot of blood stains.

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  1. Praveen,

    >>The history we have learnt or we were fed, now I realise was a customised one.

    Bingo! You’re bang on target! The Indian Council for Historical Research (backed of course by the Congress cronies then in power–for 50 years) deserves the sole credit for making this happen. For a meticulously researched account of this and other misdeeds, read Eminent Historians: Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud written by Arun Shourie. It’s also available via (too lazy to send you the link, sorry!)

    Incidentally, I’ve also blogged on this. If you’re interested, read them here:

    and here

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  2. Right again (about the question on Jarasandha). I’ve been reading your journal on and off and am touched to learn that you:

    1. Are interested in our heritage, epics, and culture
    2. Are pretty knowledgeable on Hindu philosophy in general. I remember reading your “Are you a Hindu” and quite enjoyed it. Funny, the article doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

    Keep the flame burning.

  3. Sandeep,

    Thanks for the encouragement. With regards to the knowledge, I have a long way to go. My old entries are somewhere in the archives, I need to sort them out sometime.

    I have added you to my regular reads, and you do write really well. Do write more often. 🙂

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