A day!


An early morning drive, Getting lost in the way,
A petrol station, Got re-direction.

Reached Protsmouth, follow directions,
to the Car ferry,for we wanted to take,
the car across.

No way!., said the man, at the ferry, for we had not,
booked in advance.,and cant take the car across.

Parked by the seaside, The port where it proclaimed,
British navy led by lord someone(nelson??!!), sank many enemy ships.

Got into the hovercraft, yet another marvel of human mind.,
a simple ride of 9 minutes, saw us in Ryde (isle of wight).

Unpacked sandwiches, munched on them,
with added coffee, and prayers for sun!!

Short glimpse of the beach, No train travel,
A family bus pass,To see whole island.

A good bus drive, came to Sandown,
a small town, by the side of the beach.

A long walk, to find the ideal place,
for Rashmi to sit, already occupied by,
a sold white brit!!
(whoo. it rhymed!!)

Rashmi and Zubin relaxed, Sagar and myself set out,
to find if we could, get into the sea.

The sea was cold, we took the walk,
a few photos here and there, and found the Jet bike hire.

to be or not to be., that was the question now,
after a lot of thought, I decided to face my fear.

I hired a jet bike, Setout to the deep sea,
alone, fear lurking in my eyes!!

Twenty minutes of joy, splashing through waves,
highspeed and fast turns, Sea was an open ground to play!!

Got drenched in the salty sea, wind rustling past me,
riding the waves, like a adventurer to be.

back from ride, a walk by seaside,
a change of clothes, and to the next beach.

On the way, a beautiful shop,
full of cretive ideas, marvels of human mind!!

Bus to shanklin, to a chipshop,
beans on toast, and portion of chips.

Back to beach, overlooking the cliff,
Beautiful place, glimpses of heaven on earth.

A walk here, a walk there,
We missed other part of the island, since we depended on bus.

back to Ryde, by takin bus ride,
an Icecream by seaside, and a short walk.

Hovercraft, brought us back,
to porsmouth, from where we left.

A short walk, to the carnival place,
and back to the car, munching hot chips.

A long drive back, three tired persons,
and a happy person, behind the wheels.

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