Why do we!!

Why do we,
allow ourselves to be punished?
letting our soul down,
and in a way ourselves

Why do we punish ourselves,
for the “wrongs we do”,
when the wrongs are apprently,
defined wrongly!!

Why cant we lift our head up,
and look up with no guilt bogging down.,
for we should be nothing but,
eternal energy playing around.

Why do we get entanlged,
in the web we weave,
from the birth, the time we come to earth,
till the time of our last breath!!

Why dont we stop once,
and look, just look,
to see the world,
the wonder that it is.

Why do we keep running,
on the path winding,
round and round,
till we pass the baton and wither away!!

Why do we ask questions,
when we dont need answers,
we only need support,
from the other questioners around!!

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