Sometimes, Indecision is the best decision that you can make…

So it was planning all day, whenever there was free time., and Rashmi was planning hard.. she was finding all the details possible for the Bank holiday weekend. The next Bank holiday will be in august, so we had decided to do something different this weekend.

We were planning to go to one of the beaches in UK.. so the options began with Brighton, then soon turned to Margate, and soon Camber sands also came into picture. We thought all the people will be coming, and it will be good fun with beach cricket and the like..

As the “Wonderfully planned trip”, that we had to embark came near, one by one opted out. I had no problem if anyone dont come, as I am always in my own world.. Rashmi coulndt take that lightly and she felt bad that the trip was not working out fine..

Solution.. a late night decision that we are going to “Isle of Wight.” A wonderful place, it said on the website, an island 13 by 23 miles wide, blessed with natural beauty, beaches covering everyside. Finally we decided, that we will be off to Isle of Wight.

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