Streams of thoughts

Streams of thoughts come over your shoulder and scream right into your ears. Even closing the ears wont help as then it starts to pierce the ear from inside. Unable to resist the flow of thoughts, humans sit there, being worked upon by mind. They are helpless, they just play games as the mind tells them. They realise, they are bound. The more they think they are free, the more entangled they become with the chains.

One human life and thought become insufficient to understand life. Moods become unexplainable, and we just live on.. Just like vegetables.. Some decide to change this, without realising that in the process they are only becoming sophisticated vegetables. We cling on to society, or we decide to stay away., the other lot look and laugh at both categories.. Little do they realise that they ought to laugh at themselves. People cling on to beliefs, Some believe and others believe in non-believing, yet another set laugh at these two, believers and non-believers and their ongoing fight, not realising that they haven’t got anything to cling to and the ground is fast slipping.

Every one walking on earth, following something, some times come someone, who creates something new to follow and people abound to blindly cling on to that thread. Survival seems to be the only necessity. From the time of birth, humans have nothing but something to cling on. Be it a hand, belief, society, family and that thing which he clings on becomes his umbilical cord of life.. no one dare cut that. No one is born. They just cling on, from one to another, for they are afraid to be born.

No one knows the truth.. Only stories about truth. Happy and content, people survive on that. No one wants to know the truth. If some one inquires about truth, he is losing the last thread of hope.. He starts falling., and he has to catch something to survive..


either this is no reality or everything is reality

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