Our office is my another home.. I have most of my fun there. I sit between Zakir, and Seatal(my sub-boss) and opposite Zakir sits Pat, opposite me sits Neesha, and opposite Seatal sits Richard. Zakir and Richard are by nature quiet, where as Pat and Seatal dont leave any chance to take a dig at anyone.. Me too am in their leauge and Neesha is our Gossip box!! Needless to say, our table is the most alive in the office. So when Seatal was not speaking today, naturally all were curios. He said that he was depressed.. He’s bored and totally depressed.. Others tried to cheer him up but he wouldnt budge and was hanging is head into the monitor.. I had to speak to him and following is somewhat the conversation that expired between us.

“So Seatal, You’re depressed,” I began.
“Yes.. Totally depressed and bored” he replied.
“Really depressed, that you dont find life interesting at all?”
“hmm.. Yes” You could read from his face that he was depressed..

I paused for a while..(I know how to make the conversations dramatic)

“Have you considered Suicide?”

I could hear a clear desperate sighh!!! all around my desk..

“Have you considered Suicide?” I asked again..
“Hmm.. yes!!” he replied
“Have you thought about the method you’re going to adopt?”
“for what?”
“for suicide ofcourse?”

I could hear the protests rising from our desk.. Richard was too vocal, and Neesha too was making faces at me. They were angry that I was not helping Seatal.. But I was helping him!!

“hmm.. yes” Seatal replied
“Have you thought about the cost involved.. and do you have the money for that?” I asked.
Seatal being a bit money consious(no he isnt stingy..) looked at me now..
and said.. “oops.. Suicide is expensive isnt it..”
“Ah.. Yes!! and you have to plan well too”

“Will anyone cry if I die?” he asked..
“Naah.. forget it.. I’ll be happy that I will get two days off!!” I replied..
“I will cry for a couple of days and then I will forget” Neesha said honestly.
For Richard Death was too hot a topic to discuss..
Poor Seatal, a smile was coming on corner of his face.

Soon Neesha and myslef were hatching plot, as to how to take advantage of Seatal during this depression.. I suggested that, We should put Seatal on anti-depressant drugs and make him addicted to that and then we should supply it for a cost and we will soon make him a beggar!! Seatal was listening to all this.. and started laughing!!!

The table was the louder side of the office soon.

interesting fact:- We got several sponsorships for Seatal’s suicide the next day.. people were ready to bear the whole cost for his suicide..

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