Normally, at office, first thing I do is to check my emails(I’m poor in replying them..), then go on to The Times of india to catchup with the news back home, and occasionaly drop into The Hindu (The best paper, I feel, though I havent read Newspapers in the North of India), before moving and loitering in other journals.. The prominent journals are of Mahesh, Neena and then the blogs of Madman(they provide some interesting reading).

The other day, I was reading the journal of trupti, and she was a bit upset with the political scene of India. And she mentioned, that she hasnt voted??!! My god!! If the educated elite of India dont help deciding the rulers of India, no wonder our country is going to have More Laloo Yadav’s and Mayavati’s. The fundamental right of voting is a Fundamental duty of every adult citizen of India. Those who dont vote(sorry trupti), shouldnt criticize the Government. Yes, I voted, The BJP government did get my vote.. And I am not sad at the “Tehelka” sensation.. I voted for them as the only party, whom I saw could bring a real change in India. I am sure this “Tehelka” thing has prompted them for an introspection and they are considering the Lokpal bill seriously., where all the peoples representatives can be held accountable. I wanted the BJP to go ahead with Uniform Civil Code. I understand, that it, in short will have one law for an Indian Citizen. At present, you have different laws, based on religion.. Hindu law, Muslim law.. I Wonder how we are a secular nation, With different law for different religious people.

Though I cant feel the national mindset after the “Tehelka” episode(I can only see the newspapers, that too hoo), I still beleive, BJP Stands better than Congress(forget other parties, they dont have a national presence also) in reforming India. No I dont agree with the Babri Masjid Demolition, but I voted for BJP because of the TINA factor (There Is No Alternative!!!). And as to choice between Democracy and Dictatorship.. I am sure India is not suited for Dictator rule, due to the basic fact that India is a huge country with diverse cultures and mindsets, and one dictator will not be able to hold the whole country together..(vajpayee is a different case). Democracy!! yes.. we are moving towards more federalism, whereby which states are given more and more freedom for the betterment of the people. India has got one of the Best democratic setup in the world.. The only minus factor is that its still in paper and not implemented properly.

Yes, I have got some ideas for the Rapid development of India, but need time to put it into words. This topic was a hot topic for discussion between me and Praveen, from whom I have learnt a lot(since he was more politically active than I have been) and I am sure he has got the clear picture than me.

But one request to anyone who read this entry. Exercise your right to vote.

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