Had my Performance review yesterday..Went really well(Yes.. Really well). After the reveiw I was wondering.. Do I underestimate myself or am I being a bit diplomatic? I rated myself good in most of the counts(I know I am good!!), and I got the review of Very Good!!(taking a bow). Nice to know that my performance has not deteriorated in last one year. But I have identified a lot of areas, where I can really improve. I have had a good exposure here.. Starting off as a programmer, I had adopted to an application consultant, Comms person, network administrator, Notes administrator, asset programmer, EDI consultant, System consultant etc etc.. But has been a good learning experience so far. Oops.. but the expertise is limited.. But a good programmer can be all these easily..(so its nothing great). It all comes logically. Any problem, gives half of the solution as soon as the problem is understood correctly, and the other half of the solution is just implementation. Once that picture is clear, you can solve any problem, be it in any field(only thing requried is interest in that field)..

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