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seems to be the place where you can express your creativity(ie if you have anything like that, unlike me). But can a person completely express himself through words.. I doubt. A portion of the personality is revealed through the words and the way it is expressed, but it dosent bring out the person fully. I have been offlate, getting more and more busy., and the journal is not getting updated properly.. (eg: I am updating this entry on 02/04, well behind schedule.) But it seems that its just a question of organizing oneself correctly. Sorry, I am not that well-organised person. My room transforms from a neatly arranged one to a dump-yard in a matter of a day and then it remains like that, till I really get fed up of it, and clear it all up in an hour(yes, it takes only one hour for me to set everything right..and clean my room). But for this one hour to come., I wait for even days sometimes. On the other hand, whenever I have been to Sunita’s place, I have found it to be spotlessly clean. Maybe it all has to do with habits.

I have been thinking that, I should be using livejournal to put my thoughts in black and white.. some really good ideas(thats what I think) and some really stupid(gee.. I’ve got plenty of them).. Whatever it might be.. maybe I can put all those explicitly and in future, maybe it will provide me with entertainment. Or maybe even I can contemplate and reveiw the things which I have blogged. mebbe, I should start soon. I’m also planning to change the journal to paid account, and integrate with my website, which also needs a major overhaul..(have to put CSS and am too lazy to change all of them.. havent yet developed the photographs taken on the trip to Sweden.) What a lazy twit, I am turning out to be!!

But for the moment, I will concentrate on putting the journal upto-date..

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