Biological Clock

Please dont tamper with my Biological Clock. Sheesh!! I have lost one hour today. The time has changed as soon as the spring has come and I have lost one hour. I will have to get up one hour earlier than my biological clock is accustomed to just beacause of this stupid time change here. Every spring one hour is increased and autumn its decreased. Now the difference between Indian Standard time and time here is four and half hours.. But come autumn again, the clock will be adjusted and it will be five and half hours difference. Justification for this time change.. more daylight during daytime. Well one thing is good.. soon the Sun will rise at around 4.30 in the morning and set at around 10.30 in the night. Thats cool.. more daylight. You can roam around in the roads at aroudn 9.30 at night,and you will feel like its 4.30 in the evening. Welcome summer!!!

Had a chat with Prem, Mama and co back in Kerala. Nice feeling after having a chat with them. Sunday goes..

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