My Saaaaambaaar Guru!!!

oops!! I got a comment from my Saambaar Guru!! none other than Praveen.. Yes indeed, I had omitted my dedication to my Sambar Guru. I remember the day, when he used to Stay at Kalyan with Mohanettan. He used to be chief Cook. There were other characters also floating around in the house. Prabha was a character, who used to get drunk and shout at Mohanettan only to get disciplined by him later. Mohanettan was a strict Disciplinarian. Mohanettan wanted Praveen to do IAS!!(he knew that praveen had the potential and encouraged him too). But it was not to happen. It was not long before that he got selected in Textile Committee and moved back to Kerala.

I still dont know, whats the bond between us.. but for me he has been one of the rare persons who have come into my life to make a real difference. I am not in touch with any of my school friends.. I doubt if any remember me also. From collage, I used to roam around with Sunil and Viji(we smoked together, cutting classes), and waste my time., and Roy(another important person in my life, I have lost touch with him) had to bail me out to complete my pre-degree!! Pre-degree was a two year course and at the end of first year, Roy had absconded to become a Christian priest, only to be brought back to collage by his parents.. We used to have several conversations and we grew close by end of second year. I tried to be in touch with him after coming to Bombay, but he was not at his house. Hmm.. I will try to contact him this time, when I come to India. I always had Santosh from childhood, who looked upto me?!(Why?!! I still wonder) I will be meeting him in calcutta, when I come to India!!

My Sambar Guru (Praveen), had also helped me become a more rational thinker.. We still share some bond between us.. He’s an intellectual, I’m anything but an intellectual. Praveen., if you are reading this.. forget it man.. I am lying.. you’re not that great!! (heee heee)

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