The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

No.. I didnt see it fully.. But It was really wonderful, that an organisation has got plants from all over the world and created atmosphere for them, all in one place. Kew gardens, as the Royal Botanical Garden, is popularly known is spread in around 300 acres of land, with a lot of green houses with controlled weather and you will find interesting species of plants there..

We took the tour by foot and since we had little time only (poonam had to catch the train back to Liverpool), we only visited some places.. but it was indeed nice. Well honestly, I was not overwhelmed., but I could imagine, how my amma and appa, and x will like this place..(in Algebra.. you denote a number, about which you dont know, or of which you are not sure by giving an “x”.. and by the way.. I am not a math expert).

Since the spring is yet to come, the rose bushes were still not having any leaves and tulips were still sprouting. I can imagine, how wonderful it will be here when spring and summer comes.. and since its not far away from where I stay, I will be dropping in for another visit there soon.

We couldnt visit the “Carnivorus Plants” section due to time limits.. had to rush back, dropped Poonam to Euston Station, and came back.. Yet another weekend gone…(life goes pretty fast.. dosent it..?!!)

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