A Sunday.. a lot of sleep, chat and Kew Gardens!!

Sunday morning, got up really late.., and even before brushing, got on to the net.. Havent had a voice chat yet with maama back in Kerala. And more over Amma was supposed to come in today to mama’s place. No one was online.. called up maama and asked him to come online. He told that amma was supposed to come there today, but hasnt come yet(already 3.00 pm??!!). Anyway I was having a voice chat with mama, Prema and maami, when AMMA came… Amma I miss you.. The only problem with the voice chat was that, My replies were reaching them after a long gap.. but hey. it cost me nothing to hear them. I enjoyed it.. I logged off nearly after an hour. and off to shower and getting ready.

Poonam, Zubin’s friend, had come down from Pune, to London(now Liverpool) for some training here. Last weekend she spent the weekend with us.. and for her it was a lovely weekend, as she decided to come down this weekend also. Today we were going to Kew Gardens.

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