and the trees told me..

I spoke to the clouds today,
and I spoke to the wind.,
Indeed I spoke to the trees by the road,
and They taught me a lesson.

I was upset., for I had to wait,
There was nothing wrong in it,
just that I felt, that I was back,
back to the time,when I had no option,
but to wait!

I was driving,
driving with the windows down,
the wind came gushing in,
and asked me coldly..
are you sad?!!

Yes, I said, I’m sad.,
though there was no reason to be.,
At the horizon,
clouds smiled at me,
and I stared at them jealously.

Leave me alone,
I said to wind.,
for you remind me that,
still I’ve got to wait.

I shut him out.,
and looked at the clouds,
They seemed happy,
beyond any doubt.

I asked them.,
What makes you so happy.,
though there seems,
no reason to be.!

Clouds smiled and replied,
We trust and we dont worry,
for the winds takes us,
where we want to be.

Jealous I was,
with those clouds,
when can I learn to trust,
so complete..

I ignored them,
then I saw,
the stark naked trees,
by the side of the road.

They were calm,
with no leaves on them,
were they dying,
of the cold?!

I let wind in again,
asked him the question,
Wind laughed at me.,
and told me the secret.

Trees were waiting,
for the spring to come,
then they will be clothed,
and will feel the warmth,
but they had to wait,
till the spring had come.

I smiled at them,
They smiled back.,
They knew me.,
and I too knew them.

While I was driving back,
the coulds were smiling,
the wind was humming,
and the trees told me,
the wait is worth it.

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