Books and books!!

The book which I am reading now is “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” by Gary Zukav., but I have not completed it. Its an interesting book regarding physics. I went to library today, as I had reserved some days back for a book, and I received a notification, that that book was available.. Now this book is “The Elegant Universe” by Brian Greene. Its a book about Superstring theory.. A theory claimed as TOE(Theory of Everything),which was the quest of Sir Albert Einstien, till his death. I am looking forward to read this book. Since this book is always out on circulation, I had to reserve it at the library.. so I got that today. Well, another book was strongly recommended to me.. “The Solitaire Mystery” by Jostein Gaarder. I couldnt remember the book’s name or Author’s name, but I found out the book using “The sophies world” as reference. I havent read Sophies World yet. It was recommended to me by Praveen, a long time back.. (geez.. I didnt get the book.. because I forgot!!!)

I have not been that avid reader from childhood. During childhood, we used to read a lot of comics. In Kerala, you had many malayalam publications for childeren.Phantom(The Ghost Who Walks) The ones we used to avidly read were, Balarama, Poompaatta and Balamangalam. I still remember Kapeesh, bandila, Doo doo, chamataka, Kaloolo, Mayavi, kuttoosan, Dakini, Luttappi, Dinkan, Shikari Shambhoo, Shuppandi etc etc. Then there was always the Amar chitra Katha. Most of the Indian mythology, which I picked up has been from my grandmom and Amar Chitra Katha. We had a huge collection of those books, which now seems to have disappeared. Even now, I sneak into Balarama or Poompaata, whenever I get a chance. Later, I was reading Indrajal Comics, and it was really interesting with Mandrake, Lothar, Hojo, Phantom(The Ghost Who Walks), Diana, with the pigmy bandar people.

Santosh(My friend), used to treasure books. I remember having participated in a mythological quiz along with Santosh. Needless to say he won, I got the second prize. As prize, I got Mali Bharatham.. Story of Mahabharatha retold by a famous malayalam author, Mali, who writes for childern. I remember having read that book again just two year back. Another book that I read was “Physics can be Fun” by Yakov Perelman. It was from the “Treasure Trunk” of Santosh. Santosh had a Metal Trunk box, where he used to keep all his favourite books.

At Perumbavoor(native town), we had a municipal library and Myself was a member during my school days. I used to borrow books from there. The one book that I remember distinctively is “Ninamaninja Kaalppaadukal”(blood stained steps), where a story of a soldier is told. After coming to Bombay, I became the “I” that I am now, thanks to some special persons. I was introduced to “Illusions- Adventures of a reluctant messiah” by Richard Bach, and that was the beginning. Soon it lead to books by the same author., Jonathan livingstone Seagull, The Bridge accross forever, One and Running from safety. Then I read books By Lobsang Rampa, the Third eye, You-Forever etc.. I moved into Indian philosophy, Yoga, Read a bit of Vivekananda, Osho “Bhagwan” Rajneesh, Paramahamsa Yogananda, etc etc. Then there was “Siddhartha” by Hermen Hesse., “Tao of Physics” by Frijtof Capra, Conversations with God, Seven spiritual laws of success, creative visualization, some books by Tony Buzan and the new age books and the last book that I completely read was “The Fountainhead” and “The Anthem” by Ayn Rand.

How it helped me?? I used to wonder at the world long time back.. Now the experience is deeper..

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