Inspiration & Copying

I wonder after hearing to some bollywood and mollywood(tamil film industry.. hope its mollywood) music, whether our music directors, get inspired or do they lift the music. I was hearing to “Deep forest” the other day, and it was fun cassette. The music was good, and it didnt have a language barrier..(well I didnt understand a word of it, except where it had been english)

The opening track itself, I had heard in the movie “Gupt”(the title song “Ho jaye gupt..gupt”, and one bit from another song, lifted by none other than my favourite “A.R.Rehman”., the song “Tillana Tillana’s” first part seemed familiar with the deepforest song(I dont remember the movie name.. I’ve heard the song only). Well, I wont say, that this is “lifting”, but cant call it “Inspiration” also. Maybe the musicians acted as catalysts in bringing these beats and tunes to the mass in India. The famous liftings seems to be from western songs and from Pakistani singers also. (Thanks to Nusrat fateh Ali Khan, Ataullah Khan and others.. Anu malik, Viju shah and others composed good songs, and gave it to indian masses.. eg.. Mera piya ghar aaya, Tu cheez badi hai, Acha sila diya tune etc..) But its good as long as we get good music to listen.

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