Crispy air and sunny day..

So it was afternoon again.. The day is lovely so far and its sunny, with a bit of breeze. How could I resist a walk by the canal again. So was out with Zakir after lunch and this time, we went through a farm road, instead of the canalside(sudden change of plan). but since it has been raining for last two days, the road was muddy and soon we had to backtrack, when we reached a puddle.. beyond it was canal, but we couldnt cross the puddle, and had to return. Zakir was again on with his plans to go back to Bangladesh… I am sure he wont go.. not against the wishes of his wife. This time he has plans set around April.. I am sure, his plans will remain plans only.

Had a chat with prasad in the afternoon, poor guy.. totally confused.. Well, did my bit to cheer him up.. I’m sure everything will work out.

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