Businessman ho to aisa?!

Raj called at office, and was wondering what I was still doing there.. He wanted to go to Acton Tram depot, where he had to meet a client and wanted the direction and where to get the cab from. I wanted to go to the library, so told him that I will go down there after i go to library and get him some cab numbers as well. When I finally reached there after going to the library, he wanted me to drop him at Acton Tram depot., well he was requesting.. I wanted to turn him down, and then on second thoughts decided to help him out..(am I going out of way to help people??!!)

I was on the net while he got ready, and on the familiar journal, there were a few questions.. I couldnt prevent the smile from my face.. She hasnt changed a bit.. the same old curios lovely person.

Dropped Raj and was back home, sorting my papers, bills etc, when jimmy(my houseowner), dropped in, and was on about the movie on telly “The Rock”. Well, finally got up to watch that movie and It indeed was a nice movie.. an Action thriller. Sean Connory was at his best and Nicolas cage was looking good too.

3 thoughts on “Businessman ho to aisa?!”

  1. Who is this “Raj Jagasia”? Is he from Mumbai? I think I have dealt with him. Well, all I can say is that he’s a super sharp businessman.

    Why did he ask you to give him a lift? Was it too difficult to get a cab?

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