I feel for my Country. First I thought that the quake was just a small one, but later I found out that Its a big one and the town “Bhuj” has been totally flattened out by the quake. India’s time seems to be bad. It has been at the receiving end for nearly half a century. Early it was from other countries, now its from nature. Maybe the theory of Yin and Yang works. India was the peak of the civilisation, An Ideal model which world had to learn from, and in last 500 years, we have become a confused lot, not knowing what to do as a country. Nature also gives blow frequently now. We are a totally at crossroads, held back by the “Glory of our Civilization” (as it was), and looking west for the future!!

Got a lot of thoughts regarding India, but cant express in words yet. Many people say about problems that India faces, population, illiteracy, poverty…. Well I see Resources, Potential and a untapped energy lying in abundancy without anyone to utilise it. What havent we got as a country.. Snowcapped himalayas, Desert, Rainforests in the east, Tropics in the south., and not to forget our ancient civilisation of atleast 5000 years. Tourism alone could put India among one of the develped nations. But see the state of it!!! We lack visionaries, who can see the blueprint of the future and make it a reality. We tend to hang on to the visionaries of the past and underestimate ourselves to play that role.

Hmm.. Time..I think thats what is needed for India. Having been the cradle of Civilisation, now we face a crisis.. And thanks to mother earth, she is trying to shake us up(literally)from our slumber.. and make us look around and make our Country the best in the World…


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