Fear!! I felt it..
it terrified me and made me realise,
how vulnerable I am,
terrified, I looked for some escape route
I ran far, shut down completely
it followed me, laughed, the evil laughter
Squarely at my face.
finally left me, exhausted,
gasping for life, breath.


I decided
I will run no more.

an anecdote..

A priest was irritated at people using temple pond, where he also used to take bath. He successfully spread the rumour that there was a “water-ghost” in the pond.. His plan worked.. people stopped using the pond..

Next time priest went to that pond for bath., he wondered.. what if there really is a “water-ghost” in the pond?! He also stopped using the pond..

Another Story…

I was narrating this story to Rashmi, after my Car-theft-incident. Rashmi was remarking that I was going thorough a bad phase, maybe I am, but this story came to my mind. Rashmi instructed me to put the story here..

Once upon a time, there was a villager in a village by side of a forest, who owned a horse stable and reared horse for occupation. He lived happily with his wife and his young son., and all the villagers respected him for his knowledge and people used to go to him for advise.

One day, one of the best horses from his stable ran away to the jungle near the village. The villagers considered it to be the lucky horse, as they believed it brought him the prosperity. The villagers went to the farmer and conveyed their sorrow over this bad-luck, to which the villager replied “Good-luck or Bad-luck.. Who knows??”

Soon it happened that the horse which fled away to the forest, came back with a lot of wild horses following it.. The villagers were wondering at the good-luck of the villager, and went to congratulate him, and the villager as usual replied with a smile on his lips “Good-luck or Bad-luck.. Who knows??”

Soon, another incident followed, the son of the villager while training one of the wild horses fell from the horse and fractured his leg. The villagers again said “Bad luck” to which the villagers reply again was “Good-luck or Bad-luck.. Who knows??”

So it was to happen, The king of the country got engaged in a war with neighbouring country, and he ordered that all the healthy youths should join the army with immediate effect and help in war. All the youth from the village joined Army, except our villagers son, because of his fractured leg. The villagers again said.. “Good Luck..”

I am sure you might be knowing what the villager replied.

ps: I heard this story long time ago.. I have forgotten the source

I had heard a Zen story..

Two monks were travelling from one monastery to another.. They were celibate monks, even not allowed a direct gaze at women. After long walk, they came to a river, which they had to cross. The river was flooded and there was no way that they would
get across without getting wet. One lady was also at the banks of river, wanting to cross..

Monks decided to cross the river by walking thorough the shallow part of the river, Since the lady also needed to get on the other bank, one of the monk without much ado, carried her on his shoulders, and soon they reached the other bank, where he set her down.. The lady went her way and the two monks continued their walk in silence. The other monk was really upset, finding the other monks act disturbing. As per their injunctions, they were not allowed to look at the woman, forget touching and the other monk carried her across the river!!

After some time the confused monk couldn?t stand the thought and asked other monk? “We are not allowed to look at other women, not touch them.. but you carried a woman across the river?!” The other monk had a smile on his lips when he replied “I put her down when I crossed the river, are you still carrying her?!”

ps:after writing this I was searching for an image of Buddhist monks, and came across a site with this story in a better way and many more stories..[Link]

A cryptic story

Here’s a story which I had heard..

One traveller was walking through a country side and he was tired due to the hot sun blazing over his head and decided to rest under a tree. He didnt realize that the tree under which he took shelter was a magic tree.. As soon as he sat under the tree, he wished if there was a cool breeze, and soon the breeze began.. the cool breeze came and took his tiredness away..

Our traveller was happy, and was thinking about food now. He wished, if only he had some delicacies to satisfy his appettite, then he would be the most happy man, and soon delicacies appeared before him. He didnt think much about how it happened as he was hungry, and started having the delicious food, the taste of which was rare.. After satisfying his hunger pangs, he relaxed below the tree and just thought, if only he had a cozy cot below the tree, so that he could have a good nak, and soon the cot also appeared..

Now our traveller was smelling something fishy.. he found that whatever he was thinking/wishing was being granted.. and he wished that if there were two beautiful damsels to fan him, there would be nothing like it., and so was it, two damsels appeared out of thin air and started fanning him…

While was resting in the bed, he started worrying about the happenings so far.. he thought that this might be due to some devils in the tree and if he stays for long there, they will come out of tree and kill him.. and as his thoughts so was it to be.. devils came out of tree and killed him.. end of story!!

Note: As per Indian philosophy, Human body is equivalent to an upside down tree, and our thoughts are manifested for us..by the magic tree of mind(thats the secret of this story)!!

ps:did the story make sense to you?!

The story of a cycle..

Life offeres you so many variety, that you never stop wondering, what more its got behind the curtain of time.

Mandar was reminiscing some of his childhood memories., and he told us the story of cycle.. A cycle is really a valuable possession that you can have while you are in school, in India. I remember the day in my childhood when I was on “fast-unto-death-satyagrah” to get a cycle, and when I really was hungry, went back to my mom, who served me food with a smile.. yes I didnt get any cycle.

Mandar during his school days used to dream about a cycle, so that he can roam around in it. After a long and exausting persuasion, his father agreed to buy him a cycle, if only he will become a topper in the approaching exams. Mandar started putting full efforts behind the studies, after all the cylce was the target. Vivid dreams of cycle would lead him back to his school books, and soon the exams approached.

He was tense giving the exams, but he didnt leave any leaf unturned.. and the exams were over.. after a brief period the results were to be announced.. He waited with bated breath for the results.. Finally they came and on that day he was happy returning from school, after finding out that he had topped in the exams. As soon as he approached his building society, he found a gloomy silence..

He reached home, his father has not come from office yet, but he came to know the news.. one of his building friends had been killed in an accident, and he was riding a bicycle when the lorry ran over him.. Mandar’s face fell, he knew that instant, that he wont get the much awaited bi-cycle any more..

ps: Many other stories were told, during our short dinner at pizzahut tonight!! oh.. yeah.. all interesting..

and life is not interesting?!!!

This interesting event happened recently. My Grandmom is severly ill. She had been in and out of hospital due to health problems. Doctors had given her around a week to live some few months ago, but she has strongly carried on, with the support of my appa, her youngest son, and my amma, her favourite daughter in law. Last time I saw her, she was bed-ridden, but still sound, and actively engaging in chat with me. She had asked me to pray for her death! (Oh yes! Me praying for your death.. keep that in your mind!!). But poor soul, she dosent want to trouble anyone during the old age and wants to die soon, and she asks all of us to pray for her death.

Since my engagement was at Bombay, my parents had to come, along with my eldest uncle, who is the head of our family to Bombay. Since my grandma required continued attention, Kumar anna’s wife agreed to look after her.

My Periyappa(Eldest uncle) was doing preparations to come to bombay, as he came across our astrologer, coming to him with some news and advice. After chatting with my periyappa for a while, he became a bit serious. He finally broke the news to my periyappa.

“The planets conjuction is not that favourable for your mom” he said., “You dont have to worry about her any more” he continued, “She will leave her body before you come back from bombay”.

My periyappa was unruffled., he knew what has to come has to come, and it will be good if Grandma dies peacefully, than getting torutured by the ills of the body. My dad was the next one to get the news from our astrologer.. he gave the deadline of my appa’s return from bombay for my grandma’s death. Appa, being more attached to my grandmom was a bit concerned. But he had to go to Bombay also.

Periyappa and my parents came to Bombay for my engagement, and indeed a news was waiting, when they reached back home! They didnt even reach home before they got the news!! The astrologer was no more!!!

Glimpses of soul

She always used to smile,
but deep inside her,
a wound was eating her soul.
She didnt have a choice, but to wait.

She hid her scars,
never revealed it,
for she knew, that,
she has to wait.

The scar started bleeding,
when her friend came home,
her child along with her,
her smile widened,
but the bleeding now more painful.

she played with the child,
lest the bleeding increase,
and the scars widen,
She slept with the child,
but she was all awake.

Soon the time came,
the child left her,
the wounds deepened,
blood gushed out
she could feel the void,
a scar deep in her soul.

The Joker, came in later,
the smile was back on her face,
but deep inside her,
a wound was eating her,
She didnt have a choice, but to wait.

Alas, as always,
the joker only had questions,
No answers for her!!

Why do we!!

Why do we,
allow ourselves to be punished?
letting our soul down,
and in a way ourselves

Why do we punish ourselves,
for the “wrongs we do”,
when the wrongs are apprently,
defined wrongly!!

Why cant we lift our head up,
and look up with no guilt bogging down.,
for we should be nothing but,
eternal energy playing around.

Why do we get entanlged,
in the web we weave,
from the birth, the time we come to earth,
till the time of our last breath!!

Why dont we stop once,
and look, just look,
to see the world,
the wonder that it is.

Why do we keep running,
on the path winding,
round and round,
till we pass the baton and wither away!!

Why do we ask questions,
when we dont need answers,
we only need support,
from the other questioners around!!