The fish-eating frogs!!

Yes.. believe it or not, I have seen fish-eating frogs. They look like normal frogs, but eat live fishes and croak as if they dont know anything!! I got acquainted with this species of frogs during childhood. The two main characters in my childhood, were Prasanth and Pradeep. Prasanth being the eldest was always protective of we both, and that helped us a lot. We three used to stay with our Grandma at our old family house, which was huge, but only we four stayed there. We three had three coconut trees christened to us in the plot on which the huge house stood. There was a well also at the back of the house, which was the main water source during that time for most of the shops in the area.. It was not uncommon for any stranger to walk into the plot with any container and draw water from the well and disappear soon..

The well, which was the focal point, was not that deep, but used to fill upto the brim during rainy days. If the well contained any living organism, that was the frogs and we were sure that they instrumental for our well water being so clean. We three wanted to help those frogs in this job and reached a conclusion that in order to help them in cleaning the water, we will bring in fishes from a distant pond, which will help the frogs in keeping the well clean., and also provide some companionship to the frogs. Once decision was taken, it was only to be implemented. Soon we three were on our Uncle’s cycle, Prasanth riding and myself and Pradeep clinging on to the cycle. We went directly to Pradeep’s friends house, who agreed to help us. We got the required plastic threads and hooks, unearthed some earthworms, packed them in a box and soon were on our way to the pond. The banks of the pond was muddy and we had to do our preparations for catch. Now was the questions as to who will put the earthworms on the hook!! After long deliberations, Pradeep’s friend was forced to do that job for us.. after all, we have to sacrifice a few earthworms for catching the fish, who in turn will help the frogs in keeping the well clean, Frooooogggg
the well, from where the major water supply of the town center was met. I didnt want to touch the earthworm at all and I was against using it as the bait!! but afterall the help that we were doing to the town was more important than the life of the earthworms!!

With the Earthworm set on the hook, it was waiting period.. We had two three sticks with the thin plastic threads on the end of which hung the earthworms on the hook. We were waiting patiently for any movement of the rope and as soon as any moved, we pulled it, sometimes to find the earthworm vanished or othertimes the earthworm still hung at the end. What was required was a lot of patience and indeed it bore results.. As soon as we got the first catch another major obstacle came, as to who will get the fish out from the hook, before it died, since we wanted the fish alive. Pradeep and his friend managed this for us and soon we managed to catch alteast 5-6 ugly looking fishes, which we had to transport the long way back home. The transportation was in stages and soon we reached Pradeep’s friends house, and transferred the fishes from the plastic bags(which were leaking already) to a borrowed bucket! We had a sigh of releif and big satisfaction, as we released the fishes in our well!! We felt like grown up’s, helping others!!

All the evening, we held our heads high and had a sparkle in our eyes for doing something really well!! Alas, little did we know that this was not to last long. Next day morning, when we went to the well again to look for the fishes in the well, we couldnt even find one.. The Frogs were their usual position, but croaked louder now. But no trace of fishes!! We knew at that instant that the frogs in our well had eaten those fishes. Seems like they didnt want anyone interfereing with their work and they cleaned up the new comers also.

Though years have passed since that incident, and the house stands there no more, the well is still there supplying water and with killer frogs in its belly!!


6.50 am
Today I will diet, only eat when I am really hungry

8.00 am
Today I will eat healthy food only.. even if I eat in between..

10.00 am
A bit of crisps wont do much harm

11.00 am
A banana is always healthy.. afterall fruits are healthy.

11.42 am
A small biscuit from Zakir wont do much harm

12.20 noon a “few” biscuits later..
Feeling Hungry… Have brought dabba.. Let me finish my dabba off now..

1.00 pm
Zakirbhai, Dabbey mein aaj kya hai??!!

1.50 pm
Thanks Neesha, for the crisps..

3.00 pm
Rashmi, your cooking is really nice..(second lunch??)

4.30 pm
A bread with peanut butter wont do much harm

5.32 pm
Shoud have only healthy foods..(Cashewnuts are healthy.. arent they??)

7.00 pm
Empty Cashewnut packs make me feel guilty

8.00 pm
Dinner time.. Yessss!!

10.50 pm
A cup of Horlicks before retiring… yummm..


6.00 am
Today I will diet, Eat sensibly and only when I feel hungry..

ps:Making resolutions is the first step in keeping them..

And Buddha smiled..

Somewhere in Universe..

Ananda runs in with explicit rage on his face.,
and comes to Buddha and reads out the news..

Taliban is demolishing 2000 yr old Buddha Statues..

Ananda is upset..
Buddha looks at Mahakashyapa,
Mahakashyapa laughs out..
Buddha smiles..

Ananda is confused now..
Buddha looks at Ananda and smiles compassionately..
Ananda, you have again missed the teaching..
Lets start again…

Ananda : Brother & Disciple of Buddha.
Mahakashyapa : First Disciple of Buddha.