Vegetable thoran

I am not always a good husband. My sojourns to the kitchen mostly involve the arduos task of drinking water or on a hunter gatherer mission – finding food. On some on rare occasions I don the mantle of a chef and order people around. This is the evidence of one such occasion. Join me as I teach you how to make that perfect vegetable thoran… (obviously under the guidance of my cooking queen)

The minimum requirement for making a perfect vegetable thoran is some vegetables. The most ideal candidates for this are beans, mangetout, carrots and cabbage. Normally thorans are made individually, say beans thoran, cabbage thoran etc. But here we take beans, mangetout and carrots. In addition to that we need, curry leaves, green chilli, ginger, chopped/grated coconut, mustard seeds (only half a spoon), split peas (only half a spoon), urad dal (only half a spoon), turmeric powder and salt.

If you cannot find all of these, dont lose heart. The minimum things that are needed are, vegetables as described, 2 spoons of oil for heating, chopped/grated coconut, green chilli and salt. You can still come up with a good dish with the above minimum items… just follow the steps where these items figure 😉

1. So lets get some beans, mangetout and carrots.

Get some fresh beans

Get some mangetouts as well

2. Now chop all these into small pieces as shown. Keep some kadipatta on top if available. Now chop some chillies as well as ginger too.

Chop your beans finely

Keep all of the vegetables together, it looks nice :-)

chilli ginger

3. Now we are ready for the real thing. Take a kadai and put, say 2 spoons of oil into it, and keep the kadai on the switched on hob.

4. For any indian dish you need masala dabba containing a lot of regular ingredients. These are chilli powder, dhaniya powder, turmeric powder, urad dal, jeera, mustard and split peas. Here to the hot oil, we will add a bit of urad dal and split peas, and a bit later some mustard as well. Watch out when the mustard pops, we have to go to the next step.

masala dabba

put dals

5. As the mustard is popping, add the split chilles, ginger and a few kadi-patta (curry leaves) to the oil and saute them. Just make sure that they are sort of semi fried.

add chillies and ginger

6. Now add the chopped vegetables to the oil and mix well. Add a bit of turmeric powder and again mix well.

add chopped vegetables

mix well

7. Now keep the gas flame to low and cover the kadai, and let the vegetables cook by itself. Meanwhile take some chopped coconut pieces and a couple of chilli and grind them together into a medium coarse paste.

coconut and chillies

ground coconut paste

8. Now wait till the vegetables are cooked, this normally takes around 5-10 minutes. You can occasionally stir the vegetables up. Once you have seen that they have been cooked (well sort of steamed appearance) add salt to the vegetables and stir well again. Once that is done, you add the ground coconut paste to the mixture.

add coconut paste

9. Now stir well

stir well

10. Now enjoy, the thoran is ready. It goes well with cooked/steamed rice, chappatis or puris.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Vegetable thoran”

  1. It would be useful to point out for western readers that:

    mangetout/mange-tout = french for snow peas
    urad dal = lentils
    dhaniya = coriander (dried seed of the cilantro plant)
    jeera = cumin
    masala dabba = special tin of commonly used spices in indian cooking, often containing the ingredients listed above.

    A heavy wok can be used in place of a kadhai. In fact, a high sided heavy iron skillet may work as well.

    I am curious what appliance you used to grind up the coconut and peppers. That doesn’t look like a mill and pestil.

    Thanks for the recipe, I am going to pick a few things up and make it tomorrow.

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