to be or not to be (fit)

I have heard from my parents and relatives that I was born chubby, and have remained like that till my college days. From the time I remember, I have not been that much of a fan of physical labour. My brother on the other hand was very active and did most of the gardening, helping out mother with grocery shopping (which involved long distance walking) etc. I have not been interested in doing any of them or to do the “exercises”, which for me were pointless. I would prefer playing football (waiting for the ball to come to me) or cricket (yes, I would like to bat please) to doing exercises which were totally pointless. I believed in what I call “theory of least effort”, where you dont have to do any effort, just trigger something that will do the job for you.

In practical application, it worked for me. For football, if I was playing forward, I would not run behind the ball everywhere, but only when the ball is within my comfort zone. Its a different story that football caused two fractures, one on the right wrist and another on the left wrist. Even my friends have wondered if I played football with my arms. In cricket, when batting, I would apply the same rule. I wouldnt spend my energy hitting or heaving, I just push the ball here and there and if a run is possible take it slowly. I remember a cricket match during schooldays, that I played in. I opened the innings and while the wickets were falling at the other end, I made slow 24 odd runs, when my brother came in on the other end. Eventhough I was forced to run there after, my brother surpassed the 24 run mark within 3 overs with his hard-hitting and took us to victory, leaving me standing on the other end with around 26 runs.

I think my theory of least effort might be one of the reasons for me to remain “pleasently plump”, as my friend puts it, till my college days. But Bombay was a different place altogether. Finding a job and traveling by local train did have it effects. I believe in Bombay to keep fit, one has to just travel in the suburban trains during peak hours. No effort from your side is needed to burn the excess fat. Catching a train from dombivli itself will burn quite a few kilo calories daily. And the location of the job ensured that this calorie burning was ongoing on a daily basis. During that period I became slim/skinny, a state which I have never been again. Even when I see my pictures during that period, I wonder if I could be that slim again. Different jobs took me to different places and the traveling pattern also changed.

Now I drive to work and my work involves sitting and staring at a screen for the major part. The only physical motion that happens is with the hand/fingers on the keyboard/mouse and occasional walk to get a cup of tea. No wonder I have put on a layer of “extra muscles”, particularly around my tummy/waist area. A bit of those muscles have also accumulated below my jaw, causing my wife to call it a double chin. I made my attempts to reducing my extra muscles by going on a diet and trying a technical alternative, but none of them resolved the issue completely. Then I had hit upon the idea that I will try to find how fat I can become – travel to the limit and then start becoming slim from that point onwards. Unfortunately my wife didnt buy that idea and I was forced to dump the same. She hit the panic button when last week my weighing scale touched the new height of 85 kilos. So now I am on probation.

Interestingly, I had got a few comments asking me how to reduce weight. Afterall I might be the right person to advise. After a lot of sifting, the endless wisdom that I am bestowed with, I decided to meditate on it and went to yoga-nidra. I was almost reaching a solution, when I was woken up from my nirvana state by my wife. As per her version of the story, I was sleeping in the drawing room and snoring. Talk about misunderstanding. The nirvanic state that I was in, I only smiled in reply and went to the bedroom to meditate further on the problem. Just like rivers that eventually join the ocean, clouds that come down as rain, caterpillars that become butterflies and criminals who become politicians in India, i also reached the resolution of the problem.

Dieting is out of question for muscular people like us as we love food, and so is going to gym and exercising for an hour or so everyday – absolutely pointless. For all the hapless souls who have a problem with weight, I have hit upon the ancient indian wisdom to burn those extra muscles – suryanamaskar. Suryanamaskar is supposed to exercise all your muscle groups and burn the unwanted “extra bits of muscles”. The dosage is 12 in the morning 12 in the evening. I wanted to find some volunteers who could try this out for me under my tutelage, but my other half is insisting that I should try out myself, before I advise others. With a zen like mind, I accepted. And no, the decision had nothing to do with the flamethrower in her tender hands. So there I go, today I weigh 85 kilos and am not going to change any of my routines. I will just add the 12 + 12 suryanamaskar to my routine from today tomorrow, and update in one month where I stand. Had I got a camcorder, I would have made a documentary out of this, but unfortunately I dont have one, so check back again in 1 months time.

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  1. “I will just add the 12 + 12 suryanamaskar to my routine from today tomorrow, and update in one month where I stand.

    ….this time don’t stand there staring at the sun hoping to lose weight:-p

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  3. Dear praveen!

    Did it work??
    12 suryanamaskar in the morning and 12 in the evening?
    Please let me know. It´s been almost a year since you made the resolution to get fit and lose weight by Suryanamaskar.

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