Gujarat encounter

It was during a chat with a friend that the Gujarat Encounter issue came up. Police had killed 4 people, whom the police suspect to be Lashkar e taiba militants, who were planning to kill Gujarat Chief minister, Narendra modi. One of them was Ishrat Jahan, a college student hailing from Mumbra, near Mumbai. I had seen the report earlier in Star news, where the quality of the reporting was horrible enough. Instead of finding why Ishrat went to Gujarat, and what could be her connections to the slain suspected terrorists, the news team was asking local people her college attendance and how good she was at studies.

From whatever news I read on the web also, the impression was that Gujarat police had killed 4 innocents, just by accusing them to be associated with LeT. Now the media has broadcast this version all over. Now I dont underestimate the power of media, based on which several people form thier own opinions. But I found such sort of reporting a really bad example. My friend also held the same opinion under the media influence, which I wanted to counter. I didnt have the full data to counter him, so instead said that I will read through all the latest news and post it as a blog entry. Here is what I had found after reading through the news items.

These were the headlines that I saw in the reports.

Gujarat Encounter: Killed Girl Not Linked With Terrorist Outfit: CB
Gujarat police mum on Ahmedabad encounter
LeT ‘encounter’: Maharashtra govt orders probe
Gujarat encounter gets political twist as Cong steps in
M for Modi, M for murder plot
Gujarat encounter: Laloo demands Modi’s arrest
Tension in Mumbra after Ishrat’s burial
Ishrat Jahan was framed
Ishrat: IB backs police version
Javed hosted Pak national, confesses wife
Thane shutdown as Ishrat’s body is brought home
Israt was in love with LeT man: IB official
Ishrat buried amid tension
Javeed’s father believes ‘encounter’ was fake, seeks CBI probe

This is the synopsis of what I had found reading the news reports

Four people were killed in encounter at Ahmedabad, who were suspected to be terrorists linked to LeT. Out of the 4 people killed, 2 were pakistani nationals, and Gujarat police have contacted the Pakistani Embassy to claim their bodies. The other 1 male member killed was a person from kerala, who got converted to Islam after a love marriage 10 years back. The remaining lone female person who was also killed – Ishrat Jahan, was a teenage college student, who stayed in mumbra.

The initial reports suggested that Gujarat police might have killed innocents. Congress opposition leader in Gujarat didnt waste time accusing Narendra Modi of staging the event to create sympathy. Our own Laloo prasad yadav demanded Modi’s arrest, and media had made the public believe that it was all staged. One indian express article went to the extent to give their headlines as “M for Modi, M for murder plot”, even before they have verified the whole facts. Even Mumbai Crime branch reported to press that they didnt find any evidence linking Ishrat to the gang that was killed.

It was only later that IB reports came, that suggested that Isharat had links with LeT, and was on her first mission. IB had reported this immediately to the Mumbai as well as Gujarat police, and eventually the encounter took place. But the damage has been done, “Thane shutdown as Ishrat’s body is brought home” and “Thousands turn out to bid Ishrat farewell” told the journalists, further projecting the image that the police did a heinous crime, even before they could lay their hands on facts of the case. Media indeed wields a lot of power.

Since Godhra incident and the ensuing riots happened, media has ensured that any news item that is related from Gujarat is anti-muslim, anti-minority, and how Gujarat is becoming a fascist state. There has been no thought of verifying facts and analysing information without bias.

ps: To state the obvious, I do condemn what happened at Godhra and the ensuing riots in Gujarat. I do think that inquiry should be done as to why there was lawlessness and the responsible people should be brought to book. But I dont agree with the jaundice eyed bias against the Gujarat Government and Modi for all the incidents happening in Gujarat.

pps: There was one report, which I found later that deals with the same matter.

7 thoughts on “Gujarat encounter”

  1. “And Shamsu, on what basis do you say that?”

    Hmmm… Sanghi.

    jaundiced is you, not we Indians.

    You better know Sanghi… India has a constitution, a judicial mechanism based on it and you Sanghis dont need them when you want to kill Muslims in the name of terrorism.

    Somebody is going to pay.

    Oh Lord, Save my country.


  2. 🙂 Interesting jugnostar, that you came up with some sort of verdict without any deliberations. Is it that you just dont have any logic or you prefer not to use it?

    Read through all the related news articles chonologically and you will find how the media has behaved. And just a note, the 4 people killed in gujarat were involved in anti-national activities and were linked to lashkar-e-taiba. Its not what their religion was that killed them, it was their activities.

  3. So the Sanghis and their supporting cops got right to carry out “Instant Justice”, ignoring the judicial system of India. If you find an LeT connected person, bring them before justice. Let the court decide wot to do with him/her.

    You must be remembering the Ansal Plaza incident, and numerous other ‘encounters’ too…

    Its sad that you blog like a terrorist supporter. Do you want India to be a police state where Hindu terrorists can kill anyone they don’t like?

    Think. What you are supporting is crap and confusion.

    Again, think like an Indian, blog like an Indian and support the countrymen where you were born.

  4. I am surprised. Then maybe you forgot to call me a sanghi, a hindu zealot and the like in your last comment. Ok coming back to the topic, we both do agree that the 4 people killed were anti-national and they needed to be punished. But as you can see, the media is still projecting it as a anti-muslim action, where as that is not true. Media even went to the extent that the Gujarat police abducted ishrat and killed her in encounter, which was epitome of mis-reporting. The media could have behaved a bit normally.

    The only issue that remains in this incident is, if they should have been killed in an encounter or should they have been captured, maybe at the cost of life of a policeman. This is indeed debatable, and I dont have a clear-cut answer to that. But incidents of encounters doesnt make the police communal, otherwise the police in maharashtra should be most communal for the killings of underworld pawns.

    Just for your information, I dont think India can be a police state, even if it tries. We are too plural a society for that. Now its true that I support BJP and I think I dont think there is any problem with that. Now if you have a problem with that, I am fine with it. With regards to the article by prafool bidwai (a communist sympathiser) that you have linked, I would say that dont accept any article at face value, not even this article.

    And With regards to thinking like an Indian, I dont think I can think otherwise 🙂

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