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I feel like a stranger to my blog/journal. There was a time, when I could just write anything in the blog, about my sambar adventure, my dieting resolutions, escapades with friends etc. Then slowly I started writing what I considered stories and poems and was impressed by few of them. But that was years back. Now I look into my blog and think what to write. Nothing seems to fit in here… There is a feeling of uneasiness, particularly when you write something to post and ponder over it. As a result it never get posted.

But then come to think of it, after all this is my place where I can indulge in verbal acrobatics. A piece of me, that others can have a look at. But writing has become more difficult. A difficult choice, if to write about trivial things that happen around, write about controversial topics (viz. Men and Women are not equal, they have equal rights), write political views and the like. A wide variety of new and old blogs have provided a lot of material to read, which also leaves less time to write. But then the urge to write does not go away and eventually you have to surrender to that urge. So its back to blogging again, I believe.

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