From the scriptures

Salutations to Him who cheats others sometimes, without their Knowledge, having gained their trust; Salutations to Him who cheats regularly; and to Him who indulges in stealing, posing as an acquaintance, Salutations.

Salutations to Him who is constantly moving about looking for an opportunity to steal; moving guardedly in the master’s house or moving in thickly populated places, or moving around in the forests, Salutations to Him who protects such people.

Salutations to the Lord who personifies weapon-wielding persons, to the Lord who assumes the form of people with the killer instinct, to the Lord who protects those destroying and snatching away wealth.

Salutations to Rudra who is in the form of thieves who, armed with weapons prowl in the night, looking for prey, to Him who is the protector of those who thieve and kill, Salutations.

3 thoughts on “From the scriptures”

  1. Hmm….
    Is it:

    Namah Sahamaanaaya Nivyadhina Aavyadhini naam pataye namah||
    Namah Kakubhaya nishangine
    Stenanaam pataye namah||
    …. and so on 🙂

    Tell me if I’m wrong, Praveen.

    Never thought I’d come across a blog that’ll talk about Sri Rudram. Good work.

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