To wp or b2evolution

I have been contemplating to move to a gpl content management system for some time. Now with movable type moving towards commercial objectives (eventhough free version is still on), I am giving serious thoughts about changing to either wordpress or b2evolution. Mostly I might go with wordpress. Any suggestions welcome.

I have also discovered gimp. I have been trying for sometime to add border to an image with shadows. Finally I am able to do that.


This eerie looking picture was taken during a cold winter noon after snowfall, from the backyard of my house. The tree itself looks spooky. Though the picture appear to be artificial, no major change has been done to the image, except for the border addition and shadow effect.

One thought on “To wp or b2evolution”

  1. oh nooooo… pls pls pls… dont … pls dont say that 🙁 waaaaaaaah

    u have no idea, it took my 5 months with this crazy process of elimination to boil down to WP… aaah those excruciating days… and now you show me b2evolution… waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….

    ab mein kya karuuuuu…. 🙁

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