A war in need

Regime change in Iraq is long overdue. If Tony Blair and Bush had to sideline United Nations for this, so be it. Something that needs to be done, needs to be done. Iraq has been playing truant since the last Gulf war, and the UN has been warning the Iraqi regime. But most importantly UN has failed to show that it means business, which the regime has been taking advantage of. It is high time that someone stepped in and do something about it.

Most of the anti-war protesters fail to see, that diplomacy that has been going on for 12+ years after the last Gulf war has failed. Time is ripe for a proper democracy to be installed in the Gulf region, and set as an example for other Gulf nations. If Saddam Hussein is interested in peace, he could leave the country with his honcho’s, and avoid a war.

With the military might of US and UK, its pretty much sure the war will be a short one. The only exception could be the war for Baghdad. US and UK can do better by not making Saddam a martyr. If Saddam has got Weapons of Mass Destruciton, Its logical that he will use it during this war to create regional instability and to prolong the war. Its a possibility that missiles might fly in the direction of Israel or Kuwait, probably laden with chemical or biological agents, which Iraq never had!

The most important issue concerning US and allies will be the post-war scenario. US having committed to rebuild Afghanistan, will have the added responsibility of rebuilding Iraq. How far they remain committed to it remains to be seen. They will have to set up a system, where by which, proper self-rule by the people of Iraq can be established in a short time.

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  1. But some questions remain:

    1. What gives the US and UK the right to meddle with the internal affairs of a country? Saddam has not been attacking the neighbourhood all these years. Why the sudden aggression?

    2. Why is a democracy the right way to go? Several countries have had stable economies for decades without democracy.

    3. If all this is in the name of humanity, to free the citizenry of Iraq from an oppressive regime, why is Saddam being singled out? There are evil dictators running countries all over the world. Why Saddam?

    The more I look at it, the more this seems like a scheme to get Iraq oil fields into the control of American oil conglomerates.

  2. Let me attempt to answer those questions.

    1. This question can also be put as “what gives UN the right to meddle with the internal affairs of a country.” If we extend the same logic, we can find that the arguments can go on and on without reaching any conclusion. I believe, in geo-politics, the distinction between right and wrong are vague. In this case it is a question of common good. One thing we all know is that Saddam is a terrible dictator, and has not hesitated from killing his own people. He wouldnt mind attacking his neighbouring countries, had he amassed those capabilities. I would have preferred if US attempted his assassination, than go to war. But it seems that this is the only way to eliminate him and his regime. I only wonder if in the process, he would come out as a martyr for Arabic cause.

    2. We are in a phase of world history where democracy is the right way to go. The main reason is that, though there are exceptions, democracy leads to more personal freedom. I agree that some countries have stable economies without democracy, but I am sure any day we will prefer to belong to a country where we can voice our opinions freely, in additon to having a stable economy .

    3. There are oppressive dictators over the world and they need to be sorted out. But who will do that. Should the people of those countries rise in revolt, or wait for an external force to bring them salvation. Unfortunately this is where a body like UN should play a major role. But it has been ineffective in this.

    Yes, the economics of oil do play a major role in the Iraqi situation. I am sure that France and Russia had an interest in an Iraq ruled by Saddam, as their oil interests and military sales were protected. France even went to the extent of announcing that they will veto any UN second resolution on Iraq. I am not supporting US entirely, as they also have their own brand of double standards.

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