New design New beginning

Whenever I change the look of my site, I feel like writing. But then it becomes hardwork to keep up the writing, so I again look to change the look of my site. This time, the design has been entirely by my better-half, and the Movable Type installation and adaptation was done by me (ok, the worst half). It took quite some time figuring out the functionalities I needed from Movable Type. I had to download all the previous entries from my Livejournal site. Unfortunately, I couldnt download the comments from my Livejournal posts.

The idea of the image pattern on the left, is based on the Harmonium design. I have a Harmonium at home, which I experiment with quite a lot. Though my finguring of the keys are still incorrect, I can produce some tunes without much trouble. More about my music experiments will reflect later in the blog as well.

The images used in the design are taken by us over a period of time. To my amazement, I found that the parts of images can be more interesting than the whole image itself. Maybe after some time, I can get the image album also online. But for the moment, let me start writing again.

8 thoughts on “New design New beginning”

  1. The design (4 out of 10). I hate the graphics on the left. They look grotesque (do I see Tulips in one ). In short, there is plenty of scope for improvement.

    All comments on the look and feel and not the contents. Comments are not very generous but they are made with good intentions!!


  2. Hey Praveen and Radhika! Congratulations on moving to a more reliable Movable Type and congratulations on the new spacey design. The comments page can do with some improvement. It’s difficult to distinguish one comment from an other.

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