sheesh! I’m wasting time…

No., off late I’ve not been doing anything purposeful, except for the daily chore of “living”. A late morning from bed, sees me rushing to office, and late from office, I slump to bed after dinner, drowning myself into a book. Hmm.. soon the routine will change. Well I have to change it.

I have been currently reading shortstories on Sulekha., and the bed time book has been the short stories by Khushwant singh. Honestly some of the stories by Singh are really good and some are bloopers (well in my opinion). Sulekha has got some really good stories turn up in their article section, which really holds your attention.

In shortstories, I have liked the creations of late R. K. Narayan. His novel “The English Teacher” has been one of the best novels that I have read. A worth read. After reading Khuswant Singh’s stories, the long standing thought in my mind that I too could write shortstories, came to fore more strongly., and I have been able to conceptualise some short stories during last few months.

Yes., I have even thought about the titles for them, but need time to put the stories down in black and white. Even if the stories turn out to be bloopers, I always can look back and say “ah yes! I used to write short stories“. 😉

Here are the titles :

1. Revenge
2. Ghost on the tree
3. The peanut vendor
4. Short selling
5. Life of Adbhutam
6. Kallan thaadi
7. Fish molly

Ok. The list has been long. Time and hopefully I will jot down atleast couple of them soon. Watch this space.

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