Oi Praveen…

I was at the office and my mobile beeped announcing a text message…

oi praveen, tu chacha ban gaya!(oi praveen, you’ve become an uncle!)

I was really happy after I got the news., but the fool I was I couldnt contact my brother immediately. Later when I tried to contact him at his office, he had already left. I was really upset with myself for the delay. I indeed was a stupid nincompoop. Should’ve contacted him immediately. After trying several ways of contacting him, I finally gave up and planned to contact him next day at office early in the morning.

Back home, I was reminiscing. From the beginning of my life my brother was there for me. He has always protected me, been on my side, though we had our share of fights and bouts. I remember us both going to school, together with our grandfather, carrying our aluminium school boxes. We played along with Pradeep and three of us grew up together.

Soon, we moved to our fathers house in perumbavoor, but the bond between three of us grew. Prasanth was still my protector. Whatever mischief I managed to do, the blame was always on my brother and he took the scoldings also which came along with it. Though we had separate friends group during school days and college days, in the evening we were together in our group which consisted more of local friends.

Before we knew, we had grown up and myself and Prasanth moved to Bombay. Jobs followed, but he remained the same “protective” prasanth whom I always loved. For him, I came before everything. He has been the same “selfless” self over the years. Innocent, pure at heart.

Evening 6.33 Badlapur local from VT, always had a window seat for me., even If I was late. A treat of samosa’s awaited at Thane station and a long walk home together. After I came to London, the next trip home, my brother was getting married. At the airport, I found a “bear-hugg” and I knew our bond has grown beyond words.

The reminiscences brought the moisture in my eyes., and the guilt that I couldnt contact him immediately as I got the message. I had to wait till next day to contact him.

I contacted him next day morning. I heard a father, a husband, a friend on the other end of the phone., and above all, my same old brother – full of love.

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